This morning.

Labour Party leadership candidate Aodhán O Ríordáin speaking at the launch of his campaign in Dublin to be the next party leader. He will face off against Alan Kelly.

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews


9 thoughts on “AOD

  1. brughahaha

    In the 1st photo it looks like the unelectable Ivana Bacik is operating Aodhan like a puppet…… which is a good metaphor for how Labour would operate under the 2 of them …not that it matters.Cant see anyway back for Labour

  2. M

    If you lose a popularity contest to mister power is a drug then you’d want throw in the towel for good/ever..

    At least I would.

  3. diddy

    this guy is marinated in the woke movement and will make it a Labour policy..if he’s elected leader he will decrease labour’s seats from 6 to 0. a sanctimonious pratt par excellence

  4. dav

    he needs to address the betrayal of the people by his party when they agreed to the fg attack on the poor to save the banks. Only when this is recognised and addressed can Labour then face the electorate with a clear conscience.


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