Russia! Russia! Russia!

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And…we’re back.

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  1. fakelikes

    Trump morons, Qanon and right wing nutters would have you beleive that the combined analysis of 17 intelligence agencies who have access to the most sophisticated intelligence apparatus in the history of mankind are wrong?

    That they are actually part of the “deep state” lol

    The truth has been born out. Who has benefited from Trump moronic antics over the past 4 years?

    1. Dr_Chimp

      It’s a fine line between “aiding” and actually “colluding”. Who knows what they are cooperating on and tbh, is it really that important? Hillary Clinton took money from some of the most disgraceful people/regimes on the planet e.g. Saudi Arabia and “friends”

      1. fakelikes

        but her emails!
        jeez, its been 4 years already. Hillary is long gone. Get over it.

        Trump is surrounded by convicted criminals. But her emails, ya?

      1. fakelikes

        consortium news? lol

        The briefing came from an aide to the DNI who overseas all 17 intelligence agencies.
        it also confirms what Mueller concludes in his report.

        1. f_lawless

          Lol at award winning investigative journalist Robert Party? Aside from that, the NYT retracted their own story.

          You must be a teenager too young to remember Iraq WMDs . Only the incredibly naive would accept on face value unsubstantiated claims from those with a history of telling lies

          1. Nigel

            Of course, the lies about Iraq were at the behest of the Republican Party and the Republican president of the time to justify the invasion. Trump, on the other hand, is a notorious liar, there’s nobody naive enough to accept his claims at face value, only the cynical and the opportunistic.

  2. Dr.Fart

    can’t remember who said it. but they said decades ago “when facism comes to america it will be holding a bible and drapsed in an american flag” .. they pretend to have a democracy over there, but it certianly doesn’t look like that. Trump does whatever he wants, however illegal it might be, and in the light of day for all to see. and nothin happens. he’s allowed. no laws stop him. various politicians stand up in congress and make powerful speeches about him. and then nothing. it’s a dangerous joke of a country.

      1. f_lawless

        Hah, it would be a bit delusional of me to think that I might convince you of anything. ;)
        I just posted that link because I felt it was related: more low-grade anti-Russian propaganda – bargain basement stuff.

        The ‘evidence’ of Russian meddling in 2016 never held up to any scrutiny but that doesn’t matter, here we go again, keep as many of the US public as possible focused on the rehashed dog and pony show rather than on the real issues which affect them. And why on earth would anyone believe that Trump is Russia’s preferred candidate in 2020?

        Trump, whose foreign policy is creating havoc internationally; greatly expanding US military spending; escalating tensions to Cold War era levels; dropping out of the nuclear arms pact with Russia; taking the US to the brink of a hot war with Iran (on Russia’s border); trying to orchestrate a coup in Venezuela (Maduro an ally of Putin), bombing Syria, etc

        As opposed to say, Sanders, who is promising to greatly slash military spending in order to take care of Americans at home – medicare for all, investing in affordable housing, infrastructure, public education, etc.

        The real foreign menace to US politics is of course Israel not Russia – but you’ll never hear too much of that in corporate media.

        1. Nigel

          I think Putin wants to see the US, and Europe, turned into the same sort of neoliberlal hypercapalist oligarchic kleptocratic security state hellscape Russia is, except isolationist, or without competent foreign policy tools. Trump’s the man for that.

          1. f_lawless

            Bit of an Anglocentric worldview you got there Nigel. Russia is a “neoliberlal hypercapalist oligarchic kleptocratic security state hellscape” but the implication is the US isn’t those things? It’s Putin’s mission to use Trump to drag the US down to Russia’s depraved level?

            Trump’s not isolationist – he’s supporting the plans to expand NATO; taking the US to the brink of war with Iran; bombing Syria – openly boasting of keeping troops there to steal it’s oil; trying to get his hands on Venezuela’s oil; showing no signs of a let up with the military encirclement of China; cack-handedly wading into the Israel-Palestine situation with a strong bias for Israel, the list goes on.

            It’s also a joke to think that Putin would favour the kind of erratic, destablising and extremely dangerous foreign policy decision-making that’s been going on under Trump. Backing the kind of guy who’d order the murder of Iran’s top military commander on a whim or who’d authorise the bombing of Syria based on youtube videos, is not in Russia’s best interests.

          2. bisted

            …I can understand holding a dislike for Trump but when the only alternative was crooked Hillary then it was the lesser of two evils…

          3. Nigel

            Get back to me when the US head of state is repeatedly re-elected with a ridiculous percentage of the vote, then we’ll talk about how the US and Russia have finally sunk to the same level.

            An erratic, flailing, one-chess-move-at-a-time from the US may suit Putin better than a coherent and cohesive one. Trump’s in no danger of brokering peace in the Middle East or stabilising Venezuala, meanwhile Putin has a free hand.

            Let’s not pretend to really understand what it is is Putin is after, anyway. In the age of asymmetrical warfare it makes sense for the US to safeguard its democratic processes from that kind of interference, as it does for all countries, but Trump is openly siding with Putin over his own security services and refusing to do so? That’s just idiotic and an open invitation to anyone who wants to jump in, and a promise that the president of the US will actively cover for them.

          4. bisted

            …when you say Russia and US sink to the same level…which one do you think had to do the sinking?
            I know a few East Europeans, most of whom hate Putin – with better reason than you – but all agree that he has managed to make Russia great again…

          5. Nigel

            Unless you’re a journalist, or LGBTQ, or in the politcal opposition, or concerned about the environment and cliate change. If that’s your vision of greatness it’s no wonder you prefer Trump.

          6. Tringo

            For god sake what next ?
            The Carona virus spread by Mexican beer by trump
            It’s getting tiresome
            I believe we take your comment with a lime wedge and pinch of salt

  3. James T Russell

    Russia hacked into the election last time and changed the results what makes people think they won’t do it again? Putin is LITERALLY Hitler he will do whatever it takes to take control of the US


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