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  1. Salmon Eile

    Irish Sundies – choose from stock Sinn Fein whingeing on the Irish Times’s day off, or PR guff from Marian Keyes, or Gayle Killilea. FFS….

    1. Tringo

      Was Gail what’s her name not the baron of ballsbridge totty
      Who suddenly became ultra Rich as he went bankrupt
      Maybe not

      1. Ringsend Incinerator

        And mislead both Irish and U.S. courts… she’s as bad as him. Wasn’t she a SINDO “journalist” before she reached the end of the rainbow?

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Known as “The Blonde”. Canny woman. Husband puts all his money in her name, declares “bankruptcy”. She divorces him. Cha ching!

          1. V

            Not exactly – Amongst other things – like stuff I can’t be seen to publish

            Mr Killilea was adjudicated a Bankrupt by way of a petition from his Creditors
            A petition he fought in several Duristictions – and beyond the HC

            While his Creditors eventually succeeded in securing the Petition to have him adjudicated a Bankrupt, his term has since been extended – on application by the Official Assignee btw, that he also fought, to 12 years.

            And he is currently being held in the longest Bankruptcy term ever accorded to a Bankrupt in the State.

      1. Rob_G

        And isn’t it great that the media reported on Healy-Eames at the time, so that the electorate could decide on whether or not to vote for her in full possession of all the facts?

        It’s great also that the media are reporting on Reada Cronin, or indeed on any politician who hasn’t been playing by the rules; I don’t know why you are being so defensive at the very mention of her, ‘whatabouting’ on an unrelated FG politician’s malfeasance…

        (actually, I can guess exactly why you are doing it)

          1. Rob_G

            I have no idea Giggidy – perhaps the front of the Galway papers; FHE was only ever a coucillor and a Senator, rather than a TD.

            Anyway, for this vast media conspiracy against SF to be effective, they would presumably need to release these details to the public before the election, rather than afterwards.

          2. Rob_G

            Well personally, I doubt it.

            Regardless, should newspapers not publish stories about politicians being up to no good, as it might adversely affect their reelection chances?

    1. Tringo

      Hang on did yer wan from SF not make comments on Twitter about being us irish subdued from drinking tap water
      If you saw doctor strangelove you will get it
      Fg FF tampering with our bodily fluids
      Seems if you can spend a mill on a house you are hardly hard left

        1. theo kretchmar schuldorf

          I don’t think there’s any suggestion of that from deputy Cronin?
          At 125k tweets, she’s clearly able to put her own foot into her mouth.

      1. V

        The spend on the property is neither here nor there
        Nor it’s value – that’s just a typically Oirish dig, jaded and worn.

        It’s that the build was without the permission of the local planning department
        That the former councillor herself had oversight of
        Is very poor Conduct
        IMO anyway

        Her two fingers to Kildare Co Co Planners may well explain why she lost her seat on that same Council last May
        If that’s the newly elected Deputy’s attitude to Local Government, then what can we expect from her in the Oireachtas
        It hurts me to say this but it definitely deserves criticism since Sinn Féin are never done telling us they’re the progressive change our Country needs
        And Leo Varadkar’s Cheaters cheat us all may now have another day out

        1. GiggidyGoo

          “Her two fingers to Kildare Co Co Planners may well explain why she lost her seat on that same Council last May”
          I doubt it. The connection to her (as a SF TD) has only been made public now. If the electorate attitude was to teach her a lesson, they would have done so at the general election.
          No one is defending what she was at when she wasn’t even in SF (I think), however in his rush to pass judgement, Tringo needs to be reminded of a FGer who was a Senator when she decided to ride roughshod over the planning, road and rail laws.

          1. V

            Their party affiliation, current, former or otherwise, or even when is neither here nor there either

            No matter what level of representation they put themselves to the voter for; Local, National, Europe, even the Áras,

            They must
            At the very least
            Demonstrate a respect for those same legislative chambers.

            How else to you get to challenge corrupt and shady practices, self interest and nepotism, or even recognise ineptitude and failures within our Political Duristictions?

            Represent your Constituency with clean hands and a promise of transparency, culpability and competence
            Or else don’t call yourself different to every other political outfit
            And you certainly don’t get to call yourself Progressive without having to keep your fingers crossed

            But that’s just me

        2. Ringsend Incinerator

          “Her two fingers to Kildare Co Co Planners may well explain why she lost her seat on that same Council last May”


          It’s Kildare.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        makes sense, different culture appreciates different sales technique, it’s called China ready

        1. Salmon Eile

          BTs LV section was empty yesterday. Er, according to a friend like. Are we due an Iodine-type performance soon?

      2. missred

        This is routine in big luxury department stores in London, such is the amount of visiting customers from China. Nothing to see here

        1. Golden Balls

          nonetheless it’s time to put clear guidelines in place in respect of our Chinese friends coming into the country sure they are even trying to take over the Indian takeaways now where will it all end

        2. Ringsend Incinerator

          You’re missing the whole point:

          “Such is the amount of visiting customers from China”

          The bottom line is Irish profit. That’s gonna take a dive. Who cares about Harrods.

          Just wait until some St Paddy’s Day parades get cancelled … some TD’s holiday will be ruined.

      3. Tringo

        So it’s the chinease?
        It’s trump and as SF pointed out they are interfering with our bodily fluids by chlorinated water and using corona beer to spread the apocalypse

  2. Charger Salmons

    Sensational performance in Las Vegas by the British World Champion Tyson Fury this morning.
    Outboxed and outclassed Wilder from the off.
    Not a scratch on the Gypsy King.
    The world’s his lobster.

  3. Charger Salmons

    All the world heavyweight belts are now held in Blighty.
    Anthony Joshua has three but Fury has the most prestigious – the WBC.
    This surely has to be the bout of the summer.

    1. Kate

      A proud gypsy , mother from Galway , pa from Belfast , and left school at 11. A special one for sure, born at only 1lb and yet grew to be 6’8″. Overcame alcoholism & depression …….Congratulations Champ Fury! Blighty gave you opportunity and you took it – well done!

  4. some old queen

    O’Leary runs a business which flies planes and in that context he has applied a risk assessment to terrorist threats- ALL airlines do this sort of thing because they would not get insurance cover without it.

    Single Muslim males travelling on their own is a weighted risk based on historical facts. If white supremacists or any other demographic had a similar record of hijacking or blowing up planes then the same high risk profile would apply.

    Is the criticism that airlines do this sort of thing or just that he actually said it?

    1. Nigel

      It’s an Irish company, if they want to effectively profile passengers for potential terrorists they first need to check if they were recently elected to the Dail.

  5. italia'90

    The king of the trolls strikes again!
    Hardly a week goes by without a single Muslim male hijacking a Ryanair flight

    Oh look, squirrel!!!

  6. Golden Balls

    It’s gas to see all the closet Shinners coming out of the woodwork like the gay marriage brigade trying to claim their persecution complex is the result of “official” Oireland

  7. Golden Balls

    Gas looking at “Rodge” and co try to put a gloss on the worst Irish rugger performance in living memory
    When are we going to get real about the fact that we are a third world rugger nation, the only sport we punch our weight in is thoroughbred racing

      1. Golden Balls

        Oh look it’s some Heino swilling numpty getting fresh.
        We are now in the third tier behind Japan, Wales and Australia

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          Seriously. Master Balls, fine wine is more my tipple. And tonight it’s a bottle of Lonely Heart from Mark Ryan Winery. Imported a few cases from Seattle last year….

          But seriously,…. Third tier…. ahahahahahahhaa

          1. Golden Balls

            Sorry me oul Sirius flower I mistook you for an informed observer of the egg throwing
            I’m as big a fan as anyone but we have gone seriously backwards this year , scaring no-one and everyone in the top 2 tiers had figured out our game 2 years ago which is why no-one headhunted Schmidt. He was the greatest coach we ever had bar none, and we will look back to his era as the greatest of all time , but statistics suggest it was an anomaly and we are now back to our level

          2. Rosette of Sirius

            Level reset.

            We will never be a team to challenge for a RWC. Semi final remains an aspiration. But our talent pool and professional game will keep us in the top 6 or most likely higher. Any team in the top 6 can beat any other team on their day. England demolished the All Blacks in the semis last year yet the All Blacks spanked the Boks in the group stage.

            Top tier was never closer. Only thing is Japan deserves a spot in top tier in lieu of Italy. SA in the Six Nations is an interesting but challenging proposition.

            Anyways. Back to home. The Schmidt rot, after today’s performance, is a lot more worrying than I thought.

            Farrell has a much bigger job on his hands to dig them out of it and unfortunately will need to end the international careers of a few stalwarts.

            Right. Nuff said.

        2. Ringsend Incinerator

          I lived in San Francisco for years. So, why anyone would pay to see grown men (Irish ones at that) in shorts grappling with each other and working out their inner desires in public beats me.

      1. realPolithicks

        What is also becoming apparent based on you recent posts regarding muslims is that you are neither “left” nor “liberal”.

          1. realPolithicks

            If that was what I said then I might feel the need to explain, but I didn’t say that did I? Also the fact that you’re gay doesn’t mean that you get a pass for your islamophobia.

          2. some old queen

            According to moderate or reformists Muslims in Britain- Islamophobia is a misnomer and if my suspicions as to what is going on in the Irish criminal courts right now- you can take your ‘feminism’ and shove it.

          3. some old queen

            @Pat Mustard- I’ll let Maajid Nawaz explain to you why ‘Islamophobia is a misnomer’ as he can do it way better than someone like me. He is hardly a ‘zionist shill’ and neither is Tell MAMA(UK).


            @ Turbo Slug- Your writing style is very familiar but anyways- I posted the link to the Arielle Scarcella story because it s a debate going on across the LGBT community right now. Even some drag queens are coming out against other drag queens going into schools- if it doesn’t interest you then just don’t click on the links?

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