Gannon And On And On

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This afternoon.

John L Gillen tweetz:

I made planters for my tomatoes from some of [Social Democrat] Gary Gannon posters from the European election.

In fairness.


5 thoughts on “Gannon And On And On

  1. d

    election posters work really well as snow sledges. the smooth plastic runs really well. Great for downhill snow stalums. not sure we are going to get snow this year though.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I have a mate who used them to re-roof his shed. They are durable, and a bit of mastic in the holes works magic, apparently. Admittedly, he did put them on printed side down, or it would crazy on Google Maps :)

  3. Patrick

    Wow, when and where did you plant them to be that size and in flower in February? When do you expect the first fruit to ripen?


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