For Your Consideration

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Filmmaker Thomas Quain writes:

Don’t know if ye guys are sick of the election at this stage but if ye aren’t maybe check out my documentary on the subject.

One interesting aspect is I go back to the same polling station I interviewed people in in 2011 and 2016 to compare & contrast etc.

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1 thought on “For Your Consideration

  1. Birdie

    Few points:
    • The font choice to introduce new segments wasn’t great. It’s hard to read and squeezed on.
    • A bit of narration or even a chat with Kate O’Connell would of been good. It was kinda random that there was music only as she ran in and out of houses.
    • The flashback to the repel campaign was intense and you could of had a smoother transition back to Ruth.
    • I found it hard to hear the people when you did the flashback to 2011 & 2016, that’s due to the terrible music plus the overlays were so distracting.
    • Overall sound wasn’t great, you’re very clear but maybe mic the people up?
    • The voter for Aontú is exactly what I imagined a voter for Aontú would be like.
    • A few young voters surveyed would of been welcome instead of the usual Sean O’Rourke type of suspects.
    • I like Micheál Martin’s assistant’s shirt.

    The most important point is that the storytelling was interesting but it needed more narrative and hand holding for the viewer in my opinion. Best of luck with it all!


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