Green Party’s Steven Matthews and Erika Doyle, Steven’s wife and his General Election 2020 campaign manager

This morning.


Wicklow TD Steven Matthews was forced to give up his council seat after he was elected to the Dáil.

But now his wife, Erika Doyle, has been co-opted to replace him on Wicklow County Council…

“The Green Party is a fully democratic party,” she said, before adding: “People are not appointed because of who they know and I wasn’t appointed.

I was selected, I was nominated and a full process was gone through and the Green Party members in Wicklow believe I am capable to represent them.”

‘I was transparently selected’: Green TD’s council seat is taken by his wife (

Journalist Erika Doyle To Replace Green Party’s Steven Matthews On Wicklow County Council (Wicklow Now)

Pic via Wicklow People

19 thoughts on “Take My Wife

  1. Madam X

    What’s wrong with giving the wife a leg up ? A reward for her hard work getting him elected. Sure FF would be proud of them when he props up Martin. God forbid. Political opportunists par excellence . Ah maybe political whores better description

    1. Rob_G

      He won a seat in the Dáil – when a councillor is elected to the Dáil. their council seat goes to replacement of their party’s choosing.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    What if he was elected based on his experience and education? In this case planning, environment, transport and local government. She’s a journo. I don’t think this it right at all to confer your appointment to your spouse who didn’t run for the nomination. I thought we were trying to stamp out nepotism.

    1. ReproBertie

      Every councillor elected to the Dáil is replaced by someone co-opted by the party. If this went through the full process and was approved by the party then how is it nepotism?

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