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The Department of Housing released its latest homeless figures which showed there were 10,271 people (6,697 adults and 3,574 children) living in emergency accommodation in the final week of January 2020.

This represents an increase of 388 adults and 152 children compared to the figures for the final week of December 2019.

However the December 2019 figures, which showed there were 9,731 people in emergency accommodation, a decrease of 387 adults and a decrease of 330 children compared to the figures for November 2019, were disputed when they came out just two weeks after the general election was called.

There were 10,448 people (6,696 adults and 3,752 children) living in emergency accommodation in the final week of November 2019.

Via Department of Housing

18 thoughts on “10,271

    1. scottser

      There are fewer evictions over Xmas. Things are returning to ‘normal’ as presentation exceeds move on from homelessness.

  1. Charger Salmons

    Any chance of a breakdown of nationality ?
    Of course not.
    We don’t keep those figures.
    Far too political.
    Nothing to see here.Move along please.

      1. Cian

        Why should Irish taxpayers have to house foreigners?
        How can any government be expected to plan for an (unknowable) influx of foreigners?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I’m surprised at an immigrant like you whinging about other immigrants. No sign of you effin’ off back home eh?

  2. Charger Salmons

    Supply and demand.
    Think about it.
    Eventually you will have to and the sooner you do the better.
    They keep on coming and they won’t go away you know.
    Trust me babe.

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Yeah, we’d still have 10,000 odd homeless even without all those nasty foreigners you’re so bothered by babe.

        1. dav

          that’s not how civilised society works, unless you want to embrace your roots and demand that the less “pure” are concentrated into camps an disposed of..

          1. Cian

            That’s taking it to extremes which I wasn’t suggesting (I phrased it badly).

            How can any country effectively plan and provide shelter if it has no idea of the demand? The population in Ireland has increased dramatically (an extra 1.2 million people since 1999; that’s a 32% increase). Even in the last 10 year (during the bust) the population rose by 388,000 while home-building was minimal (due to lack of credit). That pushed prices and rent up…which pushed homelessness up.

            Part of the 1.2million is foreigners – I they weren’t here then homelessness would be much, much less. (I realise that they have provided a boost to the economy and without them the country would be a lot poorer – but they do contribute to homelessness).

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