Moore Street, Mumbai Style


‘Dublin 1’, Mumbai last night.

(Thanks Colm Cronin)


Carloisfandango writes:

Following from your Mumbai on Moore Street post, this (above) is a little thing I was involved with in a previous life.

I’m rather proud of it and all of the amazing people that worked their asses off to get it made.

Perhaps a second showing might be timely.. but Jaysus I don’t miss the meeja business.

In fairness.

9 thoughts on “Moore Street, Mumbai Style

  1. Carlos Los Bros Yos

    Moore Street Masala holds up really well – great stuff! Shame that the media biz doesn’t always reward those who deserve it. Onward, upward, etc.

    1. carlosfandango

      @Carlos Los Bros Yos, clearly a citizen of impeccable taste. Yes, it’s a fine piece with huge credit to Dave, Bonnie & Mir.

  2. shortforbob

    More information about the picture? Follow the Twitter link
    Some guy called Colum feels the need to interpret the world and specifically a market in Mumbia though things he is already familiar with. It seems like an odd comparison, the Moore street market does not operate at night and it faces an uncertain future.

    More information about the short film:
    The had a website at which seems to have gone dead (it looks as if it was all flash so there’s not much point posting archive link).

    While I’m impressed by the production values and it looks like they achieved what they set out to make, that was awful.

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