“It Contains Lots Of Photos Of Sentimental Value”

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Poster for Mark’s missing phone; a Mi A2 Lite phone

Mark writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this…but I lost my phone somewhere between Cornucopia on Wicklow Street and the Games Workshop on Lower Liffey St yesterday evening (Thursday, February 27) around 6.30pm-7.30pm.

“It’s a Mi A2 Lite phone and it was in homemade white tissue cover…and it contains lots of photos of sentimental value.

“If anyone has the phone or any info on it I’m contactable on 0831001620 or my email.

“Reward is offered.”


7 thoughts on ““It Contains Lots Of Photos Of Sentimental Value”

  1. some old queen

    So the centre of your sentimental world was a small mobile device from which you couldn’t be ar$ed backing up from- not even once.

    I would feel you pain except I learned that lesson about ten years ago- it included the last pic of my then passed mother and her dog, just in case you are wondering.

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Dropped a laptop in a river once that had pretty much all the pictures from my travels in my twenties…not backed up, feel your pain

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        lol it was a river in Nepal, I’m bad with heights,
        the Seine is where I threw my heart many moons ago…sigh


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