Meanwhile, In London

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From top: Princess Latifah and Mary Robinson in Dubai, December 2018; Princess Haya and Dubai ruler Sheikh Maktoum in 2016; Princess Haya outside the High Court in London this morning;

The ruler of Dubai today lost his court bid to keep secret his marital feud with his youngest wife who ran away to London.

The Appeal Court ruled that the world should know what a judge has concluded about Sheikh Maktoum and Princess Haya’s High Court wrangle, which has been going on since she fled Dubai last year.

Princess Haya, wearing a lilac dress suit, was in the Appeal Court in London to hear the verdict, arriving with lawyer Baroness Fiona Shackleton.

But despite the ruling, the details of the case remain private because the billionaire sheikh – a friend of the Queen – now has the option of taking his appeal to the Supreme Court, to ask the highest judges in the land to keep the case under wraps.

Billionaire Dubai ruler Sheikh Al Maktoum loses court bid to keep secret his marital feud with youngest wife Princess Haya after she ran away to London ‘in fear of her life’ (Daily Mail)

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15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In London

    1. Bodger

      Because among the claims against the Sheikh is the kidnapping of his own daughter Latifah, whom ‘Robbo’ described (while the young woman was actually captive and apparently drugged) as ‘troubled’, you may recall.

    2. MountainTalk

      But more to the point. Mary Robinson. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights no less – You’d think day one on the job. She’d read the memo “Woman have zero rights in middle east” next line “Some try to escape gilded cages” further down “makes the #metoo movement look like a cold”
      Everyone knows about Green-washing or Arts washing. Sackler Family sticking their names on museums. This is Moral-washing or Rights-washing. How she couldn’t read between the lines of a guy w/ six wives, daughters trying to flee, is well beyond me.

      1. some old queen

        Muslim cultures are very different to us- imagine back to Catholic Ireland of eighty years ago. Men socially ruled but women owned the homes- the wooden spooned Irish mammy is not just a myth, she was the boss.

        This is why weather permitting you will see so many men sitting outside Muslim homes here in Ireland- the family dynamics are different. I am far from an anthropologist but even I understand why people from Muslim cultures will have such serious difficulties integrating into our Irish culture.

  1. V

    Very disappointed with him myself – I’m actually quite hurt by it all

    And if I do get the chance, and I’m sure I will, I’ll challenge him on it

    I would also add that it makes no difference what role he has in the Oireachtas, now or then
    We are all entitled to open and honest representation, accountability and unimpeachable probity from anyone engaged there

    How else can we demand better behaviour from the likes of Dara Murphy for example

  2. Lilly

    She got her children out. Pity she didn’t bring Latifa and Shamsa too. I haven’t been able to take Mary Robinson seriously since.


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