US Democrat Presidential candidate hopefuls Bernie Sanders (left) and Joe Biden. Voters go to the polls tomorrow to decide 14 ‘Super Tuesday’ states

Confession of a Realist

A realist about other people’s lack
of toasty winter coats,
I expect them
to be realistic about my 401k;

in the context of which
I’m realistic about Lockheed Martin’s
need to add to their stockpile of
Dollars by finding more
brown people to liberate
by setting their countries
on fire.

I expect the brown community
both internally and out foreign –
with the absolute exception of those
on the Democratic National Committee –
to be realistic about the limits of
my love for them.

Realistic about low-end people
with terrible teeth
and the need for political candidates
with impossibly white smiles;

like everyone else here
I’m wildly for, in theory,
hospital beds for everyone
but realistic about a certain per cent of relatives
going to DNA stained motel rooms to end things,
when the chemotherapy bills come in.

I beg of you, put Bernie Sanders aside
or, if necessary, to death
and be realistic about the need
for a certain per cent starvation
to oil loose the markets.

When I think of all I sacrificed to sit
behind quadruple glazed windows
trying to watch a film:
‘Mephisto’ or ‘The Discreet
Charm of the Bourgeoisie’,
my phone being pinged all evening
by messages from work;

I grow more and more realistic
about how difficult it is
for the electricity company
to have to switch
other people’s lights off;

but know some people are
just better off in the dark.

Kevin Higgins



In fairness.

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14 thoughts on “Brutal Realism

  1. V

    A Royal Command performance – fair play
    I suppose that’s means the Broadsheet Deputy Poet Laureate gets to use the By Royal Appointment brand now on all his stuff


  2. Charger Salmons

    What a great honour Kevin.
    William and Kate seem a delightful couple and I’m sure it will only enhance your reputation

  3. Truth in the News

    No doubt the recitation will highlight Andrew Mountbattens nocturnal international
    exploits and maneuvers. nothing like resurrecting a bit of realism into a jaded royal
    entourage,which will tighten the stiff upper lip

  4. Joxer

    so Kevin wont be slagging off establishment figures or critiquing the rich and powerful anymore? Once he has this gig done and under his belt?

  5. broadbag

    I’m conflicted, I find Kevin’s poetry quite horrendous, yet he name checked a great Bunuel film in this one so maybe I can be turned…

  6. Shitferbrains

    Anyone wanting to see reasons for UK Labours dismal showing at the last election just has to look at Kevins Twitter timeline. Every crank an d antisemite that the hard left pushed is represented. The Canary ? Cris Williamson ? Maybe he’s joking ?

  7. Charger Salmons

    President Trump is now the youngest male candidate left in the 2020 presidential contest.


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