Bringing Out The Welcome Matt


This afternoon

Government Buildings, Dublin 2

Britain’s Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his partner Matthew Barrett, on their Royal Visit to Ireland.

Did that portrait just blink?

Earlier: In The Garden

Sam Boal/

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43 thoughts on “Bringing Out The Welcome Matt

  1. Politico

    Can no one buy him a tie? It’s the future king and he’s been met by our Taoiseach at government buildings. It’s actually disgraceful. Even Sinn Fein would have worn a tie.

      1. Politico

        It’s not a ‘look’. There’s a protocol. And that ‘look’ doesn’t come into it. A suit was appropriate. It shows disrespect. But, you obviously don’t get it either, so there’s no point debating it.

          1. Politico

            Respect for the office of Taoiseach and the Irish people. It’s not about the royals. Even if it were some other dignitary from another country. It is completely disrespectful

        1. some old queen

          So if they were in Africa or India all men would wear ties? The protocols you speak of are not Irish.

          Although someone should have a word with Matt as those TK Maxx type jackets are generally two sizes smaller than the label states.

          1. Politico

            If they were from India or Africa a suit and tie would still be appropriate. It’s protocol. Why isn’t Leo in a tracksuit or the president in another pair? It’s respect for the office. What happened there today is disrespectful. End of.

          2. Cú Chulainn

            There is a lot that’s wrong with the rags on the lot of them. The prince is too formal. She’s a car crash. Matt is just wrong on every choice and Leo just doesn’t carry understated cool. BTW, Ties are gone. They have been for 20 years. Just like hats went 20 years before that. No one under 50 is expected to wear one, even at formal events.

          3. some old queen

            No Jonner- mtf non binary Queers with beards would have issue with that statement so- Mick Wallace MUST wear a bra under the pink vest when dancing in The Mother club in Dublin.

            In fairness- he has the cleavage.

        2. Rob_G

          If you google “prince william blazer”, you will come across many thousands of images of William attired similarly to Matt above. I don’t think that William was being disrespectful to anyone, just as I don’t think that Matt was, either.

          And I’m not even sure that protocol applies in this instance, as I don’t think it’s an official state visit.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I rarely comment on what someone wears, but in this case I have to agree. No tie (in a culture where a tie is a normal thing for formal wear) is disrespectful, unless wearing an ensemble that does not require one. This is not such a one. That jacket, while it may be fashionable, also looks like it is too small and won’t close.
      This reads as ‘welcome to my house party’ not ‘Welcome to our country’

      1. Andrew

        I agree, he looks odd. ‘Smart casual’ and the jacket doesn’t even fit him. Poor form.

      2. Politico

        A previous poster said ties are gone for anyone under 50. That is not the case at such a formal event. Are army officers to stop wearing ties at formal events just to be hip with the lads in the ranks? It’s a common Irish phenomenon among some Irish men when invited to places. This is not such a place. This is not a smart casual event. It’s receiving a future head of state at our Government Buildings.

        1. Cú Chulainn

          Smart casual = no tie.. you can wear one, but.. but I agree with your overall point. Leo looks a mess. He’s not dressed appropriately. Matt is worse. She’s probably been advised to look like a hi-vis kale smoothie so as not to look out of place. The other one is also wrong. What’s the world coming to ?

          1. some old queen

            Pre op mtf who can’t be bottomed shaving let alone anything else while demanding sex with lesbians it appears.

            Isn’t woke conversation therapy great?

    1. Matt Pilates

      It wouldn’t fit him.

      “Middleton’s forest green double breasted coat is by British brand Catherine Walker, a go-to label of the Duchess, and once of Princess Diana. Her green printed midi dress is by Italian-born, London-based designer Alessandra Rich. Rich is known for her daylight glamour and has come the royal label of choice with the Duchess donning her designs on numerous occasions. Rich is the go-to designer for a number of high-profile clients including Samantha Cameron, Michelle Obama, and Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton, who have all relied on her retro-inspired dresses.”

      So, not Penneys.

      Thanks to the Irish Times::

  2. Charger Salmons

    Four separate BS threads on the Royal visit.
    But “no-one cares about them so why are they on the front page of an Irish newspaper ” roar the barstoolers.
    Bodger knows his audience alright.
    Heh x 1916.

  3. Truth in the News

    One wonders how many homeless were cleared off the streets and whose footing
    the bill, they are yesterdays people and when you strip off the titles and the clothes
    they are same as everyone else…..their Reign is over in Ireland and no amount
    of token pretentious gestures will rewrite history of what their ilk tood for or
    the Black and Tans

    1. GiggidyGoo

      They’re checking their investments. There’s been a steady stream of Royals coming over this past year or so.

  4. Lilly

    Kate displays a refreshing lack of vanity to agree to wear that outfit. Hideous. What the frock!

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