8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Papers

  1. SiJu Cat

    The daily star has cut out and keep toilet paper inside. Surely it’s the paper itself!

    1. Rob_G

      People are worried that, when the sheet hits the fan, so to speak, that it won’t be available, so better to stock up now.

      I was thinking of installing a bum-gun at home; I think I might expedite things now.

  2. Cian

    How about a straw poll:

    Should the government immediately isolate Ireland? Do an Italy: close the schools, ban all events with more than 500 people; close the ports and airports; request people not to make unnecessary journeys.

    Should they do it today?

    1. Kate

      Its reported 15-20,000 Irish will travel to Cheltenham . You can bet your bottom dollar if race horses were susceptible to the virus it would be cancelled!

    2. scottser

      i would go one further cian. i would immediately execute anyone with a cough or a fever and drop the corpses over italy from the air.

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