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 March 8, 1966.

O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

A half-Nelson’s Pillar (including skinny guard photobomb).

Name that maroon jammer, anyone?

Extra points for the lorries!

Via Photos of Dublin

Pic: National Library of Ireland

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8 thoughts on “Kiss Me Hardly

      1. Paulus

        This one had me puzzled!

        I’m still certain the truck on the right is a Bedford.
        However, the one on the left is probably a Ford F series tipper.
        This is based on the distinctive “V” in the grille.
        Also the Ford badge on trucks from that time was more like a crest – not the familiar blue oval we know today.
        US Ford F series pickups were smaller but had a very similar grille.

  1. Catherine Vaughan

    Anglia. My neighbour had one for years. Used to drive at about 20 miles an hour. Doubt if he ever went past 3rd gear…

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