This morning.

Killiney, County Dublin.

Just after 9pm [last night], three men believed to be armed with a knife, entered the Centra shop on Barnhill Road in Dalkey.

They threatened staff and made off with the contents of the till.

While making their escape, they drove the car on to the footpath at the junction of Ballinclea and Avondale roads in Killiney, hitting the two women.

Both victims were taken to St Vincent’s University Hospital, where one of the women died early this morning. The other woman, 51, remains in hospital for treatment. Her injures are not believed to be life-threatening.

Gardaí are still searching for the three raiders.

Woman dies after being hit by getaway car in Killiney (RTÉ)


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9 thoughts on “In Killiney

  1. Dr.Fart

    harsher sentences need to be handed out. they will catch these scumbags, but then they’ll doff their cap in court while their lawyer reads an apology statement that he wrote, and someone extra lenient like judge nolan will give them suspended sentences and community service.

    1. Skeptik

      They have a charge of vehicular manslaughter in the US. They need that here.
      None of this dangerous driving causing death business.

      1. Dr.Fart

        yep. completely. if you wrecklessly end someones life it shouldnt matter if u did it with a car or a knife. the person is dead because of you. face responsibility.

  2. scundered

    So incredibly infuriating and sad, I hope when caught they are locked up for life.

    RIP to the victims

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