US Democrat Presidential hopeful front-runner Joe Biden

This morning.

There’s every reason to believe former Vice President Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee outside of some statistically improbable event….

The problem for Sanders is that his best states have already voted. He does best in the west (where Latinos and progressives make up a slew of voters), and the two biggest delegate prizes out there (California and Washington) have already cast their ballots…

Indeed, the Super Tuesday II results point to the fact that Biden’s coalition is quite wide. He is winning urban, suburban and rural areas. Biden’s taking the plurality of votes from African Americans, whites without a college degree and whites with a college degree. The last marks a true departure for Biden from Clinton in 2016.

The bottom line is Sanders needs a miracle to catch Biden. It’s very unlikely to happen.

Joe Biden’s got this (CNN)

Bernie Sanders is all but done (Politico)

Yesterday: Blue Collar Joe

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13 thoughts on “Morning Joe

  1. dylad

    Biden hasn’t a hope against the incumbent, who already has a nickname for him. Bernie Sanders would wipe the floor with them in debates, Biden won’t be able to stand up to them.

    1. george

      He has a nickname for Bernie too. He comes up with nicknames pretty quickly to be fair. They aren’t very imaginative.

    2. Jeremy Kyle

      Trump supporters are gonna vote for him no matter what. They’re unified. But, when it comes to liberals, lefties, non-republicans and pretty much everyone else Democrats keep making the mistake of thinking people will just vote for whoever they nominate. It’s funny because he was a relatively popular VP and you’d think at this stage ANYONE would beat Trump… and yet.

  2. Ben Redmond

    Middle America, Democrat & Republican, doesn’t want a Tony Benn figure like Bernie Sanders. It might vote for a ‘safe’ Harold Wilson type like Joe Biden. Problem is Donald Trump has hogged the patriot vote.

    1. pedeyw

      There were quite a few votes for actually left candidates in the mid terms, though. Biden is not that.

  3. Shitferbrains

    Progressive = free in Bernies world. An American version of Corbyn who has zero credibility outside his core vote.

      1. f_lawless

        Don’t expect a cogent response. I guess he/she is referring to Sanders’ proposal for a universal healthcare system similar to those already in place in countries across much of the developed world. – France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Spain.UK, Italy, New Zealand, S. Korea, the list goes on..

  4. 01101101 01100011

    question to the knowledgeable – is that it now for the Democrat lads?
    (as in there’s no chance someone else left of field can turn up now to be the one to go up against Trump?)

    1. Nigel

      Yeah the guy who actually got people to come out and vote for him stands no chance of getting people to come out and vote for him.

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