6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Papers

      1. V

        What if they’re spreading the yoke
        Nobody is grounding those lads

        Or telling them to self isolate
        Of wash themselves

        Just saying

  1. some old queen

    Demark closes education, childcare, public offices etc

    Italy to stop all commercial activity apart from supermarkets and pharmacies. Codogno, the first town to face lockdown about three weeks ago, just reported that the number of new infected patients has reached 0.

    Nee York cancels St Patrick’s Day Parade.

    India shuts down all incoming foreign traffic.

    O Ireland where art thou?

    Some good news is that a drug for rheumatoid arthritis, trade name Actemra in Ireland, is showing positive results in Italy.

  2. some old queen

    Google refuses to open firm’s gmail account for liquidator

    Google said gmail accounts are for individuals, not companies but revenue say it was used for business- if Google say gmail is not for business use then are they allowing it to be used for such?

    Whatever happens here may also affect the use of other services like Hotmail and Outlook of course. There are thousands of SME’s who use free mails and if Google win this case, all of that data becomes off limits to The Revenue.



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