‘Very Sick People’


This morning.

Prince Harry’s candid views came during two revealing conversations with hoaxers posing as Swedish climate activist Greta and her father Svante in calls on New Year’s Eve and January 22…..

…even when the chats became bizarre, including when fake ‘Greta’ talks about an arranged marriage to six-year-old Prince George and the need to move penguins to the North Pole, Harry doesn’t appear concerned and keeps chatting.

The prince also claimed Mr Trump had ‘blood on his hands’ over his climate credentials and labelled the British political system ‘broken’. He said the world was being run by ‘some very sick people’

Prince Harry reveals his agony about Megxit in phone call with a FAKE Greta Thunberg (Mail Online)

Thanks Jack Jones

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8 thoughts on “‘Very Sick People’

  1. V

    I’m sure this is great craic for some people

    But AFAIC
    These stings / prank calls are pretty sick

    A form of JackAss Dirty Sanchez entertainment – only way more dishonest

    1. Brother Barnabas


      have never understood the amusement some people get from this

      it’s easy to trick other people – but it’s a sh1tty thing to do it and then post it online

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Agree. The prank on the London nurse who took her own life was indicative of how dangerous a practice this is. I remember Kathryn Thomas replaying the call on the radio thinking it was ‘O-M-G hilarious’. Knew a (Dublin) guy who called his own job in England (late 80s) with a hoax bomb warning as a ‘prank’. Sent home I believe. Everyone loves a bit of fun but the real consequences of these calls is a different matter entirely. Harry will probably sue, if there’s any grounds.

    1. scundered

      Current left wing media which occupies the vast majority of everything you see are equally repulsive though, are there any outlets left now that are unbiased?

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