Confined To Barracks


Amy Tucker writes:

Madam is blissfully unconcerned by all the fuss.


Vanessa writes:

Jessie Cooper is loving being stuck indoors with an isolated teenager who doesn’t eat her buttery crusts or her cheesy burger buns. All the exercise this dominant bitch wants is doing laps over and back to her special bikkie bowl.


Ailis Ní Chofaigh writes:

Dozer chilling out watching Bolt


Maria writes:

When you’re trying to work from home but your supervisor won’t stop spying on you.



Brian Dufflin writes:

Paella may not be aware of the concept of “splendid isolation”, but she seems to have some appreciation of the isolation from her favourite game of car-chasing that our new gates provide. Splendid!

Your pet in isolation to marked ‘My Pet In Isolation’.

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2 thoughts on “Confined To Barracks

  1. Dhaughton99

    Am I just an idiot but why are people and their pets in quarantine? Can’t people just go for a stroll without licking the palms of everyone they meet?

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      it’s just a light-hearted post, a change from all the scarier stuff, doggies are still getting walked, just more company as kids and parents are at home

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