Everyone Chill


Somewhere in Cork.

Armed looters, burning mounds of Kittensoft, etc. out of shot.

Colum Cronin tweets:

Had to make a shop run this morning: There was an abundance of fresh fruit and veg and very few empty shelves, unless you want make-at-home popcorn! I know this isn’t as provocative as photos of empty shelves but it’s important to reassure people: Supply chain of food is working.

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7 thoughts on “Everyone Chill

  1. White Dove

    Thank you Colum. You have reassured a lot of worried people today. Always good to stock up too, while you can!

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I did my usual weekly shopping run today, and noted the same in all the shops I went to, bar one. They had let some of the shelves empty, but had a team of their staff out disinfecting every newly exposed surface (a lovely job – I remember doing similar when I was in retail!). But they made it clear they had plenty of stock either in, or on the way. Lidl has removed their ‘are you happy?’ tappy thingy too.

    I also noted that most shops had tape on the floor marking out the recommended social distance, which I thought was useful.

  3. class wario

    I am lucky enough to have been WFH since last Friday so went to pick up veg for a curry to last us a few days Friday morning. Loads of stuff, some freshly delivered, in store and was able to pick stuff up at a canter. A fairly busy story too by all accounts. So would agree that the endless photos and reports of panic buying just feeds into a vicious cycle of the very same stuff. It’s not hard to throw a few things into a pan or pot and make something filling and nutritious and freezable in bulk so hopefully more take heed

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Hand sanitiser, no, but antiseptic wipes were back, which I was glad about. I ran out and intended to get them last week.

      What was more amusing, and probably encouraging was that all the hand soap was gone – bar and liquid. Maybe people are getting the message?

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