20 thoughts on “Paddy’s Day

    1. italia'90

      What did he say weII?
      PIay the baII and not the man, I hear a Iot of peopIe say around here

      Have a Iook through Paddy’s tweets, It’s a bit of work, I know, but
      he’s been consistent and using info and statistical modelling
      by professionals who we might want to Iisten to

      Then have a Iook through Kens’ tweets

  1. Chickenhead

    I have zero stakes in this game, but Paddy Cosgrave’s predicted numbers are actually low compared with the actual recorded number of cases – there are 223 cases in Ireland right now, and he had predicted 90 less for 18 March.
    So, like, maybe he doesn’t need to shut up

    *shrugging shoulders emoji*

  2. Matt Pilates

    Paul Reid versus Paddy Costello?

    Tough decision after Reid’s performance on the Late Late. Is he even medically qualified?

    “CEO of Health Service Executive.Loves Leitrim, Leeds Utd & Golf.”

    Paddy has a point. However, making WebSummit expertise available to manage field hospitals or logistics or call out to the techbros to come up with some tech innovation might make his points more credible. ..

    1. Matt Pilates

      I prefer his 850 Euro Lainey Keogh jumper to that cheap t-shirt.

      Bizarre stuff.

      Is he unwell?

  3. Qwerty123

    The man rents a large room and fills it with people who work in Google, Facebook etc.

    Why do we listen to him as if he is some genius guru? Not an original bone in his body.

  4. some old queen

    Whatever his background, with respect to this public health emergency- Paddy was and is 100% correct.

    Stating the obvious is not ‘throwing rocks’so rather than playing the victim on twitter- howz about you do your friggen job?

    Lock down for minimum of two months- not that Calpol Harris etc would dare say it.

  5. The Dude

    A few days ago I posted comments expressing fears as to the state’s response to the managing the crisis, as pubs etc. were still open.

    However, upon making a couple of quiet calls yesterday, I have been hugely relieved to discover there is in fact a seemingly reasonably detailed plan.

    The state annually updates disaster scenarios, and consideration has been given to logical siting of emergency facilities etc. The use of All Hallows college is very sensible – and there are other comparable facilities around the state, currently idle, that I anticipate will also be brought into use.

    Twitter can be an unfortunate medium that lends itself to people being unnecessarily short with each other, at a time when we need to pull together. Perhaps in this instance, Paddy might find out a bit more if he tries telephoning people instead.

    The optics of the state’s management were not great last week – but thank God, our state is actually trying to save people, and putting the economy second, rather than conducting a grim science experiment as per the UK, ironically likely to disproportionately kill older Tory and DUP voters.

    Broadsheet continues to be of great benefit throughout this crisis, fair play. Major respect also to all the shop workers, rubbish collectors, medical, and other front line staff.

    Wishing a Happy Defiant Paddy’s Day to All!

  6. Moneylender

    Perhaps, if Paddy hasn’t anything positive or useful to contribute, he should just keep quiet rather than stirring things up. Appears to be looking for publicity or a reaction where he should be using his profile to encourage people to continue best practice – wash your hands, stay at home, social distance

    1. some old queen

      Why\ should all contributions be sunshine and breezy? Even a guide dog could see what was coming so the more people stir it up the better.

      The reason less people are dying in Germany is because they have a better health care system- it really is that simple. The US set to be the most horrific thing seen in our lifetime.

      1. Cian

        I don’t think the issue is his statistics and numbers. It is the uninformed “[The State] doesnt have a viable ‘phased plan'”.

      2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        There is something very odd about the German numbers, Switzerland has far more deaths with a quarter of the cases. Same with Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands.

        There is a whiff of the emissions scandal from their numbers.

  7. Blonto

    The govt response to this crisis was very slow and inadequate.
    It was only last thursday when they closed schools etc. that they started to get their act together. The reality is that the real effort is coming from citizens and not the govt. Frontline staff in healthcare etc. Delivery drivers. Shop workers. People who are putting them selves in harms way to keep services going and to keep food on shelves.
    Leo etc. are being made to look good by the failures in UK and USA. The odd rehearsed speech does not make them competent or a success. They are actually doing very little. Until they get agreements from utility companies, banks etc. to give people leeway during this crisis, they can be deemed a failure.
    Outside of healthcare workers etc, it’s individuals who are isolating/distancing/cocooing etc. that are going to resolve this. Not someone who happens to be a government minister.

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