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      1. some old queen

        Fascism is left wing economics and right wing social. It can emerge from either so- you are half correct.

    1. f_lawless

      Not to mention this story:

      First turned away by the US, now given refuge in Cuba:

      “In a sign of true global solidarity, Cuba today allowed MS Braemer, a British cruise ship, to dock on its shores despite having at least five confirmed coronavirus cases on board and another 52 passengers displaying symptoms”

      Cuba acted without self-interest….Cuba itself has only had five confirmed cases of Covid-19, and the ship docking could threaten to increase that number exponentially”

        1. Cian

          Which would be crazy considering they only have 5 confirmed cases (assuming both posters are correct)!

        2. V

          Cuba has an incredible Health Care system
          At one point a community health care facility / GP for every 22 Citizens
          And an established research infrastructure that they exported / sold on to big pharma

          Years ago I did a post on another forum – ok, it’s premise was sport, but during the research I came across their historical investment in healthcare and pharma research, as they were permitted these activities under the embargoes
          Much of it in partnership with Communist Russia
          And many of their scientists / medical professionals trained in the Ukraine AFAIR

          And now I suppose since the fall of Communism, they’ve developed relationships with the Chinese

          If Cuba has something to say, and offer about COVID-19
          I certainly will be paying attention

          And btw
          Ta for that link yesterday ‘Talia
          Well worth following up on lads

  1. Pixie Hat

    Service personnel in Sun picture of COVID-19 drive thru test centre at Croke Park do not seem to be wearing masks or any protective gear. How can that be?

    1. Cian

      I dont know. They may be directing cars to different parts of the car park. If the infected people stay inside the cars then no protective gear would be needed.

      1. Clampers Outside

        I do agree with that, but I’d add to it with mention that according to RTE Radio yesterday there is a shortage of protective gear in hospitals, and with that, I’d say they are using what they have with an eye to priority rather than a one for everyone approach.

  2. Charger Salmons

    I decided at the start of this crisis to self-isolate from the boneheads and cretins on here who had hitherto failed to inform us they were expert epidemiologists as well as possessing powers of clairvoyance to predict the exact economic consequences of Brexit.
    Before that it had quickly become apparent that drowning in my own sputum would probably be an infinitely more enjoyable experience than having to read their bovine utterances.
    But I just wanted to pop in to say that while times are tough for many people at the moment that doesn’t mean those of us who are well-upholstered to deal with this economic blip shouldn’t show some benevolence.
    I have offered to freeze the next two monthly rental payments for all my tenants and add the balance to their future monthly totals spread out over two years.
    They are, as you can imagine, extremely grateful as back in their own country such largesse is unheard of.
    We need this Blitz spirit now more than ever.
    Come on people.Let us work together and we’ll get over these temporary difficulties.

    1. bisted

      …hello Charger and welcome back…I can’t say that nothing has happened here since your last residency, in fact, things seem to have gone into reverse…Leo is still giving addresses to the nation as Taoiseach despite being handed a stonking defeat and I’ve just heard Regina on radio…Boris seems to have halted his march towards a no deal Brexit and is meekly following EU directives…off to blighty with you…your country needs you…

    1. dav

      Only if you neglect to wash your hands. The virus does not transmit THROUGH the skin, so you pick up a newpaper that has been sneezed on the virus will remain on your hand until you either 1) wash your hand or 2 place that hand on your eyes nose or mouth.

  3. 01101101 01100011

    update to my own scenario:
    no call as yet to come to the testing (GP referral was lunchtime yesterday)

    my mam is holding steady and we’re continuing the protocol none of us left the house yesterday but we’re gonna have to try for a Tesco at some point, might be able to rope someone in for that tho

    patiently waiting (patient?…no. that doesn’t work, does it? I’m looking for anything here, I’ll get my coat ;) )

      1. 01101101 01100011

        thanks all, will post something when we get some action

        hope ye’re all doing ok too

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