A Limerick A Day


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar addresses the nation last night

In news that is bound to appall
We’re now in this for the long haul
But the time will come when
We can go out again
And there’ll be drinks and hugs for us all

John Moynes

Last night: ‘This Is The Calm Before The Storm

13 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Otis Blue

      Christ. That’s beyond parody.

      You’ll need to watch the video for the full aural horror and comedic effect.

  1. Frank

    reported cases are low because they aren’t testing despite the WHO urging ‘test test test’. the HSE doesn’t have enough testing kits. 30000 ordered for Thursday, hopefully.
    no swabs either. my friend is a GP in Clondalkin and he told me a week ago he had no indication from the HSE when new supplies would arrive.

    I’ve been waiting for a test since monday morning and I’m considered a priority due to others in the house with medical problems.
    my GP told me it would be 3 days wait, hopefully, for the test and another 3 days for the result. furthermore she couldn’t even get through to book the test as the HSE system was down.
    theres plenty of people and organisations out there doing fine work but the HSE is not one if them.
    Varadkar looked like a flipping robotic fiddler on the deck of the titanic last night. his british wartime declarations and frankly alarming ‘ring your grandparents and tell them you love them’ make me feel queasy not reassured.
    also why are they only operating outside testing centres now!!! these should have been in place at the start of last week.
    the HSE is an organisation that cant organise itself what hope for leadership in a time of chaos

  2. Jeffrey

    Nothing new was said – I was expected lockdown measures to include closure of all non-essential shops. I dont know how much the rules are adhered to right now …. I know some work places are still going with a LOT of staff inside the buildings…

  3. Dr.Fart

    saddest thing i saw on twitter after this, was doireann mcgearily or whatever, tweeting saying she was bawling crying at his speech she was so moved. oblivious to the fact he literally just said we aren’t taking more cautious action until it gts really bad, and that all relief funds will be going to big companies and banks and itll be up to them to decide if workers get a sniff of this. this crisis will be handled like everything else FG handle. badly. he’s just done a speech saying its ecomony over people as usual, and people are overjoyed. unreal.

  4. Iggy

    Its lack of substance and his channelling of Churchill just made this an exercise in vanity.

    1. Dr.Fart

      and the insane usage of an outdated meme “not all heroes wear capes..” , I don’t know how so many fell for it. People are desperate i suppose, so their mindset was to search for comfort. But it was absolutely awful, trying to be youthful sounding, and no substance.

      1. Iggy

        That phrase was definitely a weird inclusion. Buzz words and phrases should never be in a leader’s speech. They should sound like a leader, not like a Buzzfeed quizzer.

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