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  1. Shayna

    I think it’s great that the Sligo types have a resilience. First time I surfed was in Strandhill, first time I swam was in Bray. Sligo and Wicklow defined me as a certain type of eejit.. I thought it may have something to do with the water – Wicklow is on The Irish Sea, Sligo is on The Atlantic Ocean – I grew up beside Lough Neagh – swam in it – when I was a kid. Maybe it’s a water cocktail that grows a certain type of eejit?

    1. Shayna

      In The North – no exams O, nor A level will be sat. I would have thought that was a given about the Leaving Cert.

        1. ReproBertie

          I think everybody expects the schools to remain closed until after the Easter break at the earliest. Especially when we’re being told to expect 15,000 cases by March 29th.

  2. 01101101 01100011

    Need a Coronavirus Test? Being Rich and Famous May Help – NY Times


    it’s gonna be interesting to see how this all pans out stateside – this scenario predictable I guess let’s hope doesn’t happen like that over here. Testing is clearly a major issue.

    At home no call to test yet, into day 3 now. we’re keeping watch on my mam’s breathing, she says it gets more difficult but then it eases off again, seems to come on and go in waves…she’s sleeping now so we’re going to have a discussion when she wakes before making any moves.

    Oh and I copped a new thing to bleach – the mobile phone charging cable! there’s one in the kitchen we all tend to use, never dawned on any of us, gah?!

    1. Frank

      I’m on day 4 no test.
      rang doctor monday morning. told I would get a test as a priority (immunocompromised person in the house).

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Based on current stats the HSE have undertaken c.7,000 tests.. they appear to had run out before 30,000 kits arrived last night. 366 positive results. 5% hit rate. 30,000 new tests suggests we will have 1,500 positive results end of next week. Where are Leo’s 15,000 cases numbers coming from ? Either we are catching 1 in 10 and we need a lot more testing quickly or we need a complete lock down tonight for 2/3 weeks.

        1. Cian

          The symptoms take 3-14 days to start appearing. We’ve not been on lockdown long enough, so we’d expect the positive rate to keep increasing, until probably some time next week.

    1. Cian

      Thanks GiggidyGoo.

      The bit that I really noticed is “Of the 271 people with it, 59 of them (22%) are healthcare workers.” That’s scary.

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