Irish Plogging Divas write:

The next time they start the “OK Boomer” stuff. Contrast social distancing at Sandycove (left) this morning with a Main Street Blackrock queue for coffee (right).
Do people need flat whites so badly? The perennials in Sandycove are probably 3-4 times their age…


13 thoughts on “The Age Gap

  1. george

    Yes people should be social distancing but If you don’t like “Ok Boomer” then give up with the whinging about young people.

    1. george

      Last time I was out I saw several groups of middle aged and older people standing in close groups for a chat. Not everything is about age some people are just a bit dim.

      1. Matt Pilates

        It’s time these ageist mofos in millennial pink got a taste of their own medicine. They’re not helping anyone of any age by failing to keep social distance.

        Bear Market coffee by the way. Starbucks and Insomnia are closed.

    1. Col

      The youngest millenials are about 23, the oldest will be 40 next year. Maybe the people in Sandycove are 160?


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