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  1. Politico

    The papers are repeating themselves and potentially spreading germs through the publication of their product around the country. Shopkeepers and others handing them and then multiple people handling them at home. Perhaps people need to be encouraged to purchase an online subscription for the duration of the epidemic

    1. ReproBertie

      That’s nonsense. The chances of catching the virus from a newspaper than you buy in a shop and read at home are virtually zero, according to Professor Paddy Mallon, professor of microbial diseases in the UCD school of medicine.

      1. Politico

        @ReproBertie we were told the same about the Banking Crisis by “professors” in the Central Bank. However, a new study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), CDC, UCLA, and Princeton University scientists, “found that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.”
        Cardboard isn’t a million miles away from Newspapers. You say: “virtually zero”. However, any student of logic (epistemology/philosophy) will tell you that virtually does not mean absolutely.

        1. Politico

          Incidentally I suppose if I’m in doubt, I should read them with a pair of gloves! Perhaps I’m just going overboard with it all and channeling my inner Howard Hughes and freaking out a bit. Apologies

        2. ReproBertie

          Newspapers are barely touched by human hand when being printed and delivered. The most you’ll get is a slight touch by the person who drops them to the shop, when they are usually wrapped, and the person who puts them on the shelf. If you take a paper from the middle then it’s unlikely to have been touched at all.

          I’ll take Professor Mallon’s word over your scaremongering thanks.

          How many people touched your milk carton before you bought it? How many touched the wrapper of your sliced pan? I guess you’d better stop buying food for the duration.

      2. :-Joe

        You can get a subconcious form of brain cancer from the daily torygraph…

        Both traditional paper form or the online version..


  2. Politico

    Isn’t it time for the Dept of Social Protection to allow new jobseekers receive their payment via bank transfer for the duration of this crisis? Instead they have to line up every week or second week to collect their payment in their post office. Surely that rule should be scrapped for the next month or so to alleviate queues at post offices

    1. D

      hear hear, probably one of the more sensible things I have ever read on this godforsaken site

      ; -)

      A Chara, get your pen and paper out for a letter to the times!

      Is mise, sniff…

    1. Chuckenstein

      There is currently no physical signing on or queueing for the foreseeable future for that very reason

      1. Politico

        @Chuckenstein there is no signing on but Jobseekers payments are to be collected at post offices and if the numbers mentioned on the news are anything to go buy there will be extraordinary queues. The covid 19 payment will be paid to a bank but after that has expired (6 weeks) jobseekers can only be collected at post office. That is my understanding of the legislation.

      1. Politico

        @Janet no, they are not. there is no signing on but Jobseekers payments are to be collected at post offices and if the numbers mentioned on the news are anything to go buy there will be extraordinary queues. The covid 19 payment will be paid to a bank but after that has expired (6 weeks) jobseekers can only be collected at post office. That is my understanding of the legislation

        1. GiggidyGoo

          My local shop, which isn’t a post office, has facilities to pay out benefits. It does however bring into question Data Protection, as there are perhaps 10 different people working there working the tills and the machines for making and receiving electronic payments. If I were to be getting welfare payments, I wouldn’t be at ease if the local busybody and gossipmonger were to know my business.

        2. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I dunno when I got laid off they told me it would be into bank not post office,

  3. GiggidyGoo

    And in other news – FG pushing for ‘first go’ as holding the office of Taoiseach. Obviously the most important thing going on with FFG is how to keep their hands on power. No dawdling there.

    1. V

      Population Control so
      By proxy

      And that gives me the shivers
      But I bet thats what they’re going at under that tweet

      I’m probably in line with you there Same’Oh Q
      About Peirs

      He’s an absolute dose
      But the perfect lad for Cummings
      lb for lb

        1. V

          Doesn’t have the overstatement you’d normally see I the upper tiers of the Public Services, but
          nudge unit

      1. :-Joe

        Ye. on it. I’m calling Dr Ciara now..
        – I think she’s triple-job’ing for that Irish music magazine though, so she might be too busy to take the call…


  4. :-Joe

    Mark Little on the radio now waffling on and on, pontificating as if he is a professor of journalism and/or an intellectual pillar of academia.. about how spreading messages with hearsay is equivalent to a virus pandemic..

    All from the bloke who set up the most useless commercially orientated social media platform that he sold on to the equally useless but also poisonous murdoch corporation.

    Everybody has to pay for any accurate or quality information apparently…
    – Really?… F*** O** you arrogant clown…

    EDIT: I’m not changing anything, this eejit drives me nuts, too bad if anyone reading it is overly sensitive.

      1. :-Joe

        Haha.. apart from the release of mental pressure.. excercised above…

        Glad I’m at least in better(or bad) company…

        Stay healthy Bodger, keep up the eternal fight, shining light..

        Boost yer immune health with natural medicine / vitamins
        – i.e. plenty of fresh fruit and veg(cruciferous is best).
        – A & D(Actually hormones) and C / Carrotenoids and Iodine(if you’ve problems with thyroid etc)

        Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional but I’m only recommending spicy roasted vegtables and fruitcake!

        DISCLAIMER: May cause uncontrollable farting, explosive diarrhea, itchy eyeballs, weak knees and similar scenes from David Cronenberg’s – Scanners 1981.


        1. V

          Hey folks

          To folly on there from Joe:-*

          cruciferous are leafy greens
          Cabbages, Broccoli, Kale, Cauli etc

          So here’s a quickie : for a bitta’ve change

          Frilly Brussels
          You’ll need,
          Sprouts (Iceland do great frozen ones btw + great value), fresh chopped chillie (I get the big tubs in the Asia market in Ballymount so if you’re a ‘cheat’ like me it will be all the one) Pine Nuts, knob of good butter and a few tbls of water;
          A flat bottom pan, and a lid (just to cover, shur’ it can be a baking tray)

          Pan on low low heat,
          Put butter and say 2 tbls of water ( top up if needed)
          Half, and remove first layer of spouts – and into the pan
          Spoon your fresh chillie in to taste – I’d be a decent teaspoon if using a usual portion /weight – like the full net you’d see in the shops
          Stir in to pan, butter should only be barely melted and if you need more water spoon it in, you barely want them to steam not boil, while getting a bitta’ve glaze from the butter
          Lid on, keep an eye so the water doesn’t burn off, after say 5/ 8 mins, depending on your heat and how competent your pan is at conduction
          Toss in a tbls – or just to taste, your pine nuts, I’m quite generous myself, I like the crunch

          I know Brussels are the Irish Marmite
          And they’re more a holy day of obligation that anything with us
          But that recipe takes you as far away from the boiled soggy manky off-green eyesores we were rared on without having to bring your passport.

          Leftovers btw
          Mix with rice and a beaten egg, into the pan with some fresh coriander. Red sauce is allowed (◠‿◕)

          1. :-Joe

            Sounds more than decent… dare I say, fancy and delicious.
            -I’ll be trying this or similar after the next time I get to the frozen aisle of covid19 central.

            I’d recommenf you go for a traditional Italian ragu / lasagne. Full of vitamin A and more.. from the meat and dairy. It takes a while but you can do it in bulk and freeze it etc. Add a healthy salad or veg on the side to balance it out.
            – The ragu / meat sauce can be used for bolognese and homemade diy toasty pizza bases as well… Tasty inexpensive comfort food.

            -Literally thousands of recipes out there but aways look for Authentic Traditional Italian Ragu etc.


          2. some old queen

            Pretty sure :-Joe speaks with a mid American accent despite never having actually lived it the US?


          3. :-Joe

            Haha.. I actually speak with a Floridian twang as me and the good ol’ boys like to refer to it…

            Picked it up from all those years of long days and even longer nights hunting gators in the swamps..

            Hmmm… dem gators sure wur purty….


          4. :-Joe

            I mean purty f***’n mean, if ya kno whut a mean?… Ah huh huhgh..

            – Ok, been watching to much of Joe Exotic, Tiger King..
            – Hilariously crazy fun story.


      1. :-Joe

        Newsderp FM Inc. – Taking Stock – Vincent Hogan?

        I listen to newstalk fairly often(usually on in the backround) Primarily to get a better insight through the occasional leaks of information on how the Irish establishment for the elite-eejit, group-think, delusional, facist, herd mentality… plan to disinform, coerce, manipulate, and then slice and dice it all up and continue to lie, cheat and steal our collective future…

        Among a few decent presenters and unwitting supporters of a terribly boring regressive coroporate media for the establishment @Sean Moncrieff is welcome relief in their daily schedule. If he and others had any sense he would get over the profit motive and leave to be part of something better.

        We don’t have broad enough representation in our media or political landscape…

        It’s not by random cause and effect or any accidental occurence either.


          1. :-Joe

            Ye, it can be very good sometimes and sure, it could get a lot better in one form or another but it’s potential needs more time and effort put into it to make it grow and branch out into a regular schedule of programming to gain a bigger following…

            Planting a seed is usually never enough… you usually need to fail and replant a few times, add supercharged fertalisers and get a few large grow lamps to get the job done.


          1. :-Joe

            Like everything else, we need to get together and create the future for ourselves…..

            Something like this idea I’d be happy to see eventually….
            – Think a system silimar to NPR in ‘murica with all the modern techy bells and whistles but have a localised version in each county supported, managed and summarised daily/weekly by a centralised team for consistency, efficiency and lower cost.

            All to help promote knowledge and useful information, journalism, local business, ethical advertising, local issues, podcasts, community etc etc. So you can tune in locally and/or nationally and be better informed.

            A for and by the people powered platform independant from state and corporate profit-ONLY motives and influences.


          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            my Mum saw service on line too this morning, still couldn’t entice the auld fella to listen to it, (he says he has a direct line and doesn’t need some space cadet from Belfast talking shite at him) but my Mum enjoyed it

          3. :-Joe

            No offence to you and certainly not towards your mammy but I’m not sure any form of religion needs any more help in spreading it’s own message… whatever that might be or what it means to you or anyone else.

            I would put that kind of broadcast under promotion and advertising or something else and not something more generally useful and focused on better knowledge, education and understanding.

            Instead, maybe an open-minded, frank and honest, intellectual discussion with leading minds and the public or a documentary series on the wide aspects of the subject might be a better choice?

            Plenty of worthwhile and fascinating content exists already out there to lean on…


          4. Lilly

            Haha, as far as I’m concerned, anything that provides people with a modicum of comfort in the safety of their own homes at the moment is fine. And for some people, maintaining that Sunday ritual helps.

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      +1 No doubt his guff will resonate with the #startup crowd. Co-incidentally, also up their own bottoms with other people’s money.

  5. Tommy

    Some things don’t change. The Irish/English Mail on Sunday have yet another British Royal story on their front page. Can’t they find any Irish picture? Is their paper edited in London now?

    1. bisted

      …I get the bit about the Constitutional provision for a government to be maintained until a new one is formed but shouldn’t Varadkar remove ministerial responsibility from those who failed to renew their electoral mandate?

    2. Ben Madigan

      FG & FF will try to make as much political capital out of this crisis as possible, while pretending its all for the good of the country.

      1. :-Joe

        Disaster (pseudo-)capitalism 101 baby…
        -Soon they’ll be sending in the economic hit-men again from the imf….

        “Ahh, we see you’re having some economic troubles(-licking their lips and drooling uncontrollably)? …
        Why don’t you take some of our giant pile of( fake instantly manufactured out of thin air by the fed on a PC debt) money?…

        it’s ok, it’s just a low interest loan and we promise we won’t expect anything else in return( eh?… like influencing your government policy for the next century for the benefit of external global corporate financial interests maybe?)..

        “Ye, sure. Why don’t you pull the f-ing other one…(Not even a thought by the Irish establishment government, ever)”


  6. V

    Decisions decisions

    Emma or The Banker?

    And btw, if you’re into simple cheesecake that’s also easy on the eye
    Spencer Confidential is a harmless few hours with a bucket of Popcorn and a beer shandy
    And its not just about Marky Mark btw
    The fantastic Alan Arkin is his typical self in it, so it’s worth the risk for those of ye who prefer more high brow signaler fillums

    Actually I might run Argo again now instead

    1. :-Joe

      For the lifestyle that has us in it…

      Do my recommended double helix feature of….

      Outbreak – 1995 – (Hilarious)
      Contagion – 2011 – (Serious)

      -Both equally good and worth a watch, for very different reasons.

      Watch in any order you prefer.. but I think this way probably works the best…
      – Perhaps not if you are consuming any mind/body altering substances from the start.


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