Mark Geary writes:

New Zealand has a published threat system. They went to Level 3 today and will go to Level 4 on Wednesday.

Australia’s PM said Stage 2 hadn’t been discussed yet, when he was asked what Australia’s Stage 2 was.

Does Ireland have a system like NZ or a dud one like Australia?


Coronavirus: New Zealand has a threat system, here’s how it works and how it will affect you (Stuff)

5 thoughts on “On The Level

  1. V

    D’ye know

    I love these ….. so & so writes

    tis like lads really think we’re the experts
    and have the answer to everything


  2. Jeffrey Boggart

    Nope – Ireland just closed Pubs and Restaurants and “ask” people to be socially distant. Not working, wont work.

      1. Stephen

        Yes, if people are too stupid to take the advice given sometimes it needs to be forced upon them.

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