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  1. Matt Pilates

    “No need for face masks in public” says HSE.


    “We don’t have any face masks, so we sent them all a booklet” says HSE.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      No need for face mask in public.

      Translation: Masks are fupp all good unless they are of very high grade and we need the good ones for healthcare professionals.

      1. Andrew

        People can make their own masks at home. We’ve made some. It’s easy enough. HSE trying to save face now rather than encourage people to wear masks as it goes against their previous message which was designed to protect supply to health care professionals.
        Encouraging people to make their own would be a good idea.
        Mask wearing does have an effect.

        1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          If you reuse a contaminated mask you put yourself at risk, lots of mask users develop an invincibility complex, putting themselves and others at risk.

          It is better than nothing… when used correctly, it can be counterproductive when used incorrectly.

          Most people do not have the discipline or knowledge to do it correctly.

          1. Andrew

            and most people weren’t washing their hands correctly either, but a campaign was done and people are a bit more aware now. Yes, there ae still people who don’t wsh heir hands or even abide by all the other measures but it is better than nothing.
            Countries where mask wearing is widespread have a lower incidence of infection/deaths. Have a look at the experience in the Czech Republic.

          2. some old queen

            COVID-19 has a layer of fat or oil which is broken down by the soap but the process can take up to 20 seconds to do so. This is the reason why soap is so effective and killing the frigger.

            So while technique is important, ensuring your hands are totally covered in soap and that the duration is at least 20 seconds is just as much so.

            And one other thing- cut your nails. Long finger nails can harbour the virus because soap cannot reach as far under the nail. If you have false ones, get rid of them- immediately.

          3. V

            Hey Andrew
            ta for that link

            I can already see the Paddys doing all sorts of masks with their ould’ jerseys and not so lucky underpants

            Toilet roll runs were so last month
            the next shortage with be knicker elastic

      2. Kate

        Good ones for healthcare professionals? Really? My relative on the front line dispatched my brother weeks ago to buy goggles for her ward staff and paid for them herself!

  2. some old queen

    NYC ER Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell sent this video around on twitter and it is causing quite a stir in the medical community.

    He is suggesting that ventilators should be used in a different way; providing oxygen, not pressure. He says that COVID-19 more closely resembles symptoms of high altitude sickness; not pneumonia, and that pumping high pressure air into the lungs could be doing more harm than good.



    1. V

      D’ye know Q
      I’d say you’d be fierce disappointed if this thing moves on
      And it didn’t come near ya

      1. some old queen

        Jazus V- I hope it stays well clear and moves on quickly as I have several family members who are very high risk.

        What is interesting is that a lot of the bureaucracy and red tape of both medicine and drug trails is being swept away. This YouTube from Cameron Kyle-Sidell for example would be unheard of even a couple of weeks ago.

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