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This morning.

Spotted in Dublin.

Niamh Kiernan tweetz:

Time to take advertising signs off our buildings, streetscapes and urban spaces?

We’re probably going to start seeing more of this in the coming weeks and months…

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  1. Clampers Outside

    Yes, let’s decimate an industry while it’s down!

    Is that it? Am I doing it right? Was there a point to be made at all?

    1. Clampers Outside

      As well as jobs lost, what of the streets scape advertising…

      No more bus shelters.
      No more Dublin bikes.
      No more public toilets (what few there are)

      JCDeceaux provide the above to most of our cities and towns, and their councils. How does Niamh propose these things are paid for without outdoor advertising…. Hmmmm..

      1. dylad

        Other cities manage it. General taxation. Lower rates so that businesses don’t depend so much on them for revenue. There can be a balance found, they are bloody ugly.

  2. Stephen

    I think the point is they are bloody hideous. We have advertisement blockers on our phones but not for our public spaces. It would be brilliant if they were all done away with.. they make areas appear so commercial and cheap..just to be passed through rather than enjoy. F**K billboards I say!

  3. Garreth O Carroll

    Why not use them to commemorate the dead due to Covid? Show solidarity to all those people in mourning who couldn’t attend funerals, who couldn’t hug loved ones. I lost my brother in tragic circumstances on the 24th of March not related to Covid. Only 4 people attended his Ceremony. More could of come but we made the decision out of safety. I really feel strongly that this simple gesture would lift relatives spirits and possibly help ease some of the pain. Morbid yes but out of respect this could be done Professionally to reflect their colourful lives. Just a thought.

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