Keeping The Neighbours Up

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Scott Duggan and his screening theatre on Frankfield Villas off Windmill Road, Cork

Last night.

Clare Keogh writes:

My neighbour Scott Duggan [a freelance production manager] had the most beautiful idea to project classic movies for our terrace. Listening to the movie on an FM signal sitting in our own separate front gardens made us all feel a little less alone :) Donations went to Age Action…


Name that movie, anyone?

Neighbours enjoy outdoor movie screenings during Covid crisis (Eoin English, Irish Examiner)

25 thoughts on “Keeping The Neighbours Up

      1. d

        do they not have tvs in their own houses. hope its not played after 9pm keeping the kids up.

        yes listening to an fm signal in front garden. so its going to be even louder with all these multiple speakers.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            my earphones are the only thing keeping that child alive downstairs…sorry I mean my sanity alive

    1. Barry

      Funnily enough we all know each other and har happy to bring some relief to our street. Hope you are doing well whoever and wherever you are

      No we don’t have a TV but in any case I think you are completely missing the point.

      1. V

        Don’t waste yer time bhoy
        Shur’d he’d no intentions of getting d’ point

        Points actually
        When you think abou’ r’it like

        d’ entertainment
        d’ craic
        d’ singing
        d’ glam
        d’ novelty
        d’ messing n’ blaggarding
        An’ being the talk of Cork for days


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