Red Light District

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Junction of Phisborough Road and the North Circular Road.


16 thoughts on “Red Light District

  1. Paulus

    There’s a junction in Toronto which is famous for this as people get married in the very brief window where all lights are red.

  2. Type0Negative

    The junction of Holles and Fenian streets does this too. Often thought there should be diagonal markings as most people seem to use it to cross to the opposite corner

  3. A Person

    Am I missing something with this post. Lights are red to let pedestrians cross the road, horizontally, vertically or diagonally? Pedestrians should be forced to run through the traffic. FFS bodger are you that desperate for posts?

      1. theo kretchmar schuldorf

        Certainly good news for the city dweller!
        Locals have been agitating for greater priority for pedestrians at the (CAR CHOKED) village crossroads for decades.
        Until now, you had to wait two light-cycles (up to 240 seconds) to make a full crossing.
        Hope it sticks, here and elsewhere.
        Cities are for people!

    1. V

      You know
      On another long established forum I frequent, A Person
      Is their poopy fluff tinkle talk for the c you thing

      Like that ref is a right A Person
      You are one thundering A Person ‘ insert name of commenter’ so ya are

      I knew I’d seen you before A Person

      1. A Person

        No idea of what you are talking about. I post on no other websites. What is “c you thing”?. So no you have never seen me before. The only reason I post on here is that it is full of biased, unsupported commentators. The types that think all health pros are wrong, MSM are wrong and we should rejoice if any of them get the virus, SF won the election, and yet have hidden since, everything should be free and nobody should pay for anything. I was looking back at a post from 2016, lots more different commentators and lots more balance. People could have views without personal attacks. Even you have taken to personal attacks.

        1. V

          I don’t care why you post here

          I was letting people know that on a particular forum
          Most around here wouldn’t frequent
          (Only cause it’s behind closed doors and the mods haven’t let in anyone new or not vouched for by an original member in about 10 years)

          A Person is code for the C word
          And it’s the only curse word that’s swapped out

          Anyone familiar with “The Lords of the Internet” and or “G.A.E.J” or “The Farmyard” will know where and who I’m talking about (◠‿◕)

          1. Rob_G

            V, what happened to you? Your posting has become much more hateful and unhinged of late.

    2. Chucky R. Law

      Most lights in Dublin are for for the benefit of traffic, and pedestrians can only cross one side at a time and only because the traffic in that side happens to be stopped for the benefit of traffic in another direction. Try walking the quays on the river side of the road and you’ll find points where you need to cross 3 roads instead of 1 to stay alongside the river, and some roads can’t be crossed at all without jaywalking. DCC have been gradually changing some junctions to stop traffic in all directions at the same time to allow crossing in all directions. This is considered novel in these parts. But newsworthy? Hmmm.

    3. Clampers Outside

      This be Broadsheet.

      Broadsheet was built on lesser posts even more inane than this!
      It’s almost a reminder of those early days :)

  4. H

    Lots of lights do this in London so that the pedestrians can cross, maybe they are introducing them in Dublin now too

  5. Ads

    This is called a scramble when they actually paint diagonal zebra crossings.
    Another one at the Kenilworth crossroads in Harold’s Cross.


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