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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I am amazed the UK media isn’t asking why they are doing so badly, when they could have learned from Italy. Instead, I hear the BBC News stating that “Boris is on the frontline, figthing the virus”. No, he isn’t. He is an idiot and ignored advice by not social distancing from known CV19 cases. He has a cabinet full of Brexiteer idiots. His Home Secretary has gone missing. Oh, and he followed the herd immunity concept, even though it would lead to more deaths and there is no guarantee that herd immunity will exist.

    1. La Goulue

      I doubt very very much if that numpty ever had the virus. How could he have it, then not, then have it again, then be in ICU, not be on a ventilator, and then be sitting up in bed within a day. It stinks of more manipulation. The UK media have a track record of not challenging anything remotely powerful or with money. Johnson portrays this bungling Bertie Wooster persona – bu the’s deadly deliberate in political intent. Don’t believe a word of it.

      Like of all the old, unhealthy codgers in Westminister, a 55 year old, well protected PM is going to be one of the few that get it.

      1. Some old queen

        There is nothing unusual about CoVid-19 patients being in ICU but not ventilated. There is even an emerging view that ventilators may damage otherwise healthy lungs of CoVid-19 patients so, it is used only as a last resort. It was also stated that he was admitted to ICU as a precautionary measure which is likely- as he is the prime-minister. .

        Johnson was in a NHS hospital which means his records would have been available to anyone over a certain level of clearance. If he was pulling a stroke it would be out by now because NHS staff would not take kindly to having their facilities used in such a way.

        He was in contact with people who have tested positive- it really is that simple. People recover at differing rates, but his being rapid would suggest he is on hydroxychloroquine as it appears to be most effective in mild to moderate cases.

      2. :-Joe

        Ye, I had similar thoughts the other day when the fake-panic was announced simultaenously by all the branches of the tory media apparatchik.

        Plus he’s an inveterate spoofer… when he’s not pretending to be living the life of churchill 2.0.

        He just needed a rest and some extra “how to impress or look like an adult” training from cummings or whoever is pulling the strings.


    2. Tinytim

      I agree that UK is not managing this well, however it may be pertinent we all reconsider our own situation which everyone of us can actually make a difference.

      For sure the positive figure in Ireland, probably like most countries, is limited to the volume of testing.
      As of 09th April reported cases per 100,000;
      UK is 91
      IRL is 121
      Italy 231
      Spain 316

      The UK number was surprisingly low.
      (Ref: https://www.breakingnews.ie/world/un-secretary-general-warns-pandemic-is-threatening-international-peace-993311.html )

      Sure it’s apples/oranges but it could suggest we aren’t doing so well ourselves.

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        Don’t bother with comparing the cases between countries, it is very misleading as countries have vastly different strategies and rates of testing.

        Look at the deaths.
        UK 118 per million
        IRL 53 per million

        and the UK is only including deaths in a hospital setting

        Our death rate is by no means great, but if the rumours are to be believed, a few nursing homes are responsible for a significant number of those deaths.

        1. Tinytim

          Good response, thanks!

          It’s possible that the best indicator could be the delta of deaths year to date for this year over previous years, but that would still come with a host of caveats.

          1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            Yeah, there was a report in The Economist a few days back, they analysed data form Northern Italy (and maybe Spain).

            The death rate was nearly double the usual rate.

      2. SB

        Also, we’re testing more in Ireland, relatively speaking, and prioritising higher risk people, which would explain the higher incidences per 100K in Ireland. Here is the number current of tests per million:
        – 4,392 in UK
        – 10,734 in Ireland
        So in the UK their testing is only running at 40% of the rate in Ireland.

      3. Some old queen

        The only figure which counts is the overall fatality rate. If no large spike then it is a case of reclassification in which case- why?

          1. Some old queen

            Thanks Donnchadh- I have been trying to find reading on this subject, very good articles.

            Home deaths appear to be an issue in NYC too- it is hard to know the real reason because near all other treatments have been cancelled.

            The only real way of checking is to take samples of all deceased but even that won’t indicate if died with or died from and, they are already passed so not a priority right now.

      4. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        I agree that Ireland isn’t going great. The deaths per million of population is the figure that is most useful. Ireland is 53, The USA is 50. The UK is 118. So, compared with the UK, Ireland is going well. Compared to lots of other European countries, not so well.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    So, testing has halted at two Cork sites.
    That’s some difference to the goal of 15,000 per day.
    The HSE has refused to say how many tests were taken at Pairc Ui Caoimh – why?

  3. bisted

    …just having a toasted bagel with cream cheese and double bacon…with the added relish of insulting christian’s as well as the usual suspects on this ‘good’ friday…

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I mean wasn’t that not eat meat thing halted in the medival times, like meat gives you carnal thoughts or whatever ?

        1. bisted

          …it’s only on this day now that the catholics can pretend not to eat meat…followers of islam and judaism never get to sample a bacon sandwich…

          1. :-Joe

            I’ve yet to meet a jew or muslim in Ireland that doesn’t love a good bit of some kind of pork every now and again… Out of maybe 25 people or so..
            – Apart from team veg..


          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            the Muslim community in Paris are on the whole a bit more observant I guess, lots of halal butchers etc,
            the most observant Jews I have come across seem to be American..just my experience

          3. bisted

            …I had an uncle once who used to refer to ‘chronic catholics’ meaning the religious observant ones but I suppose you could insert the religion of choice there…

    1. :-Joe

      Go all out and have a pint with it..

      As demanded by my loyalty to the one and only church of Satan. How do I make this an unholy meal…
      – I’m doing a Spanish Tortilla(eggs onions potato) and beans on toast and gonna drink…
      A coffee..- Only because I’ve got no booze.. Yet..


        1. :-Joe

          If you’re not a devoted practicing catholic…
          – Is that some new daytime ritual sacrifice procedure I’ve missed?…


          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I’m a lapsed presbyterian..lapsed all the way to atheist haha
            even atheists try not to drink before noon :)
            bucksfizz doesn’t count

            and then there’s the “sundowner” but for that you kind of need a pool and a sunset

          2. Some old queen

            Jazus Janet could you not even be one of those posh CofI prods eh? Those Presbyterians were always up to to no good with their peasant rabble rousing.

          3. :-Joe

            I tried atheism for a while… it was pretty handy but still too much theism involved.

            Apart from our dear lord Satan, I can only worship the sun or Ra if you need an omnipodent human-like being to hold your hand or a master to make you feel small.

            It makes a lot more sense and you can prove it is all there with science and your eyes, up to some extent anyway.


          4. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I lied a bit,
            I’m a devout member of the church of the long run,
            it involves a lot of sweat, occasional tears, just the right dose of euphoria and the essentials of any religion guilt and a pinch of masochism

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            ahhh ! thank you, I have only ever heard the expression verbally in my auld fellas Derry accent !

          2. :-Joe

            Thanks, you cheeky pedant…

            I was wondering earlier what that was exactly…
            – I thought it was some kind of farrier / farmer or a blacksmith tool like an anvil or something sitting in a yard and maybe used as a sundial…

            -Either end of the yard(Horizontal spar) of a square-rigged ship…

            The Sun is over the yardarm…
            – At certain times of year it will seem from the deck that the sun has risen far enough up the sky that it is above the topmost yardarm. In summer in the north Atlantic, where the phrase seems to have originated, this would have been at about 11am.
            -Urban Dictionary

            I think @Lush posted the same link.
            – Nothing personal, I just refuse to click on gurgle links if possible.
            -Try search with organic results and posting safe links with duckduckgo.com..

            Arrgh.. Oi ‘Ate da sea, an’ ever-athin in it…


    2. newsjustin

      I’m more insulted that you don’t understand the idea of individuals fasting. Why would it matter what anyone who wasn’t oneself eat? Jewish people aren’t upset that I eat pork ribs, like.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        News I’m pretty sure that comment of Bisteds was designed for just that response….sigh
        not to be speaking for Bisted or anything,
        but I’m guessing he’s an atheist and logically it follows he wouldn’t understand individual fasting,
        I have heard great things about intermittent fasting but it’s not for me, I get very very hangry if I’m not constantly fueled

        1. newsjustin

          I know sure. The ignorant will always be with us.
          I tried zero carb and zero sugar once for about 36 hours….nearly didn’t make it.

          1. bisted

            …don’t be so hard on yourself Justin…your spirited defense of the Oz cardinal who was jailed by a jury needed all the energy the sugar could give…

          2. newsjustin

            I haven’t been so insulted since you ate a rasher and told the internet about it. I’m reeling, rethinking everything.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        Andrew you are always such a becon of positivity and civilised conversation, how would we manage without your consistent guiding light of humor and grace, I guess its all in your delivery

        1. Andrew

          Janet have you appointed yourself to police my tone? I note you are quite selective though.
          I’m not a believer in god or anything, I just find bisted comments childish and unnecessary. It’s like something a teenager would come out with.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            not policing your tone, just making an observation based on your habitual style, do with it what you will

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I’m guessing Bisted has a painful history with the church or someone else to him did, as so many have

          3. bisted

            …sorry to disappoint but the church probably had a worse time from me..one of my friends maintains that I was so unpopular at school, even the Christian brothers didn’t molest me…while born to Catholic parents the church lost me at a very early age…the talking snake bit as I remember…

          4. Janet, I ate my avatar

            not disappointed, glad you don’t have any trauma ! so I guess you just enjoy winding up news so ? ;)

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