Vintage Green Day

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Late 1960s.

Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

A newly unearthed image by American photojournalist Harrison Forman, featuring vintage bus porn and leather-clad, possibly greasy, ‘rocker’.

Name those jammers (left to right), anyone?

Pic via University of Wisconsin

14 thoughts on “Vintage Green Day

  1. brautigan

    Nice Toblerone sign to the top left! Jaysis, what I wouldn’t give to ate one of those now, even with the smaller triangles, empty spaces etc.

  2. Peter

    It actually hasn’t changed alot when you look at it. Surprising considering its such a retail hub. Credit to Dublin city council for maintaining its charm.

  3. Paulus

    Cracks knuckles:

    Convertible – don’t know.
    VW Beetle
    Ford Prefect van
    Austin Cambridge(?)
    Vauxhall Victor
    Ford Consul Capri coupe
    Austin Cambridge
    Austin Princess – don’t think so though?
    Opel Kadete Caravan
    Ford Consul

    1. Clampers Outside

      Fair play for giving it a shot :)

      I gave up after ten mins… and didn’t even make it past the VW beetle :/

  4. Pip

    Sadly missing from this lovely photo is Geary’s toy shop.
    It would be just to the left a bit beyond Ross jewellers.
    A magical place, mostly full of things you’d only dream about, or so it seemed.
    It never seems to feature in any photos of the time.

  5. Shawnee Poole

    Agree with the cars named above, maybe the Ford is a Zodiac.
    There’s 4 Austin Cambridge/Morris Oxford cars parked in front of the shops.
    The ‘mod’ is standing next to a Mobylette moped.

    1. Paulus

      In Ford’s Consul/Zodiac and the later Zypher/Zodiac range, the Zodiac was always the more upmarket fancier model. This is almost certainly the plainer Consul.
      Easy to tell I have time on my hands eh.


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