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  1. newsjustin

    Speaking of naming and shaming…

    Broadsheet ran 3 separate posts in 2018 and 2019, rightly drawing readers attention to the fact that Cardinal George Pell, an Australian cleric, had been charged and convicted of sexual abuse of two boys. The 3 posts are still available at:


    On Tuesday the Australian High Court, made up of 7 judges, unanimously acquited George Pell, ordered that he be recorded as not guilty and released immediately, having spent over 400 days in prison.
    The High Court, considering all of the evidence, found that the jury acted unreasonably in finding Pell guilty in spite of evidence suggesting significant doubt that any abuse took place, or even could possibly have taken place. The case has raised very significant questions in Australia about how and why a case was brought on the basis of a claim by one person with zero supporting evidence and significant evidence to the contrary.

    The decision of the High Court is available at http://eresources.hcourt.gov.au/showCase/2020/HCA/12

    Given that Broadsheet ran 3 separate posts about this case, it would seem fitting and fair that they would report on the quashing of Pell’s conviction and his release.

    1. Bodger

      newsjustin, we are working on a piece which you will see in the next week as certain developments in the Vatican occur.

      1. newsjustin

        The previous pieces came out almost immediately.

        What are you waiting on? The facts are available right now. Report the facts Bodger.

        I understand no one gets paid for this and you have no obligation to report anything. But having reported 3 times on this already, I think it deserves to be reported on.

          1. newsjustin

            Pell was acquited and released Tuesday.

            BS reported on him being charged, when he was convicted, and again when his conviction was allowed to be reported on in Australian.

            There seemed no need to wait for any next step those times. Report the facts please.

          2. Bodger

            newsjustin, we are waiting on these facts to get the fuller picture…

            Secret sections of a landmark report into child sex abuse may soon be made public, revealing details about the conduct of Cardinal George Pell.

            During the Royal Commission set up to investigate historic child sex abuse, parts of the report containing information about Cardinal Pell’s handling of allegations were unpublished.

            This is due to fears it could prejudice his trial, but proceedings are no longer active after his conviction was quashed on Tuesday.


          3. millie aka oprah

            You seem to be taking this personally, newsjustin.

            Broadsheet report what they like, as has been pointed out before. And they facts have been reported in many news sources around the world, where you can read them in full detail.

          4. newsjustin

            Bodger. That’s not coming “from the vatican” as you claimed. You’d be correct to report these findings as and when they emerge. Indeed, there have been claims and reports about Pell’s behaviour and response to abuse claims amongst his priests for some time. You could have reported those at any time, and still could.

            But BS chose to report specifically on this case, 3 separate times. The verdict has now been quashed. He is not guilty. You should report that fact. Follow it up as you please, by all means. But there is nothing “coming from the vatican” as you claimed, and well know.

          5. scottser

            hey newsjustin, i believe they’ve closed the healing pools at lourdes due to coronavirus.
            heh heh heh

          6. newsjustin

            What does that have to do with the administration of justice scottser?

            It reflects very badly on people here that they’re only interested in justice for people they like or are like them.

      2. V

        Actually it reflects badly on you Justine

        Calm da’ púc down lad

        You’ll regret your earnestness in due course
        Of that I’m sure of

        In the meantime just treat is as the Vanilla Sex method

        And you would do well to remember how news gets rostered depends on the news cycles of the day
        And today the people that drive the news cycles don’t recognise your wee tale as being more important in the running orders as you do

        Terrible shame – for you that is, that your crowd don’t control what gets published or broadcast anymore

        For the rest of us

        1. newsjustin

          If nothing else, I’m glad I could draw your attention to the facts of the case, which you were so lacking in.

          BS likes to deride old media, but in this regard – selective reporting, making a big splash on a person’s conviction and nothing on their exoneration – BS is behaving exactly the same. It shouldn’t matter that they hate the guy.

          1. Bodger

            newsjustin, this is a bit more complicated and does actually involve certain elements within the Vatican. I believe Pell is an abuser but was also set up, if you get my drift. Your point is well made btw.

          2. newsjustin

            How does that change the facts of the case?

            I’m sure lots of reporters and outlets think he is (that’s part of the problem with this case and why it’s so controversial). Nevertheless, they can report on the facts (see the Australian writers for the Guardian for example).

            I mean, it’s never gone wrong, has it? A media organisation convincing itself that priests are guilty of child abuse and reporting with that in mind. No I’m sure RTE and Fr Kevin Reynolds would tell you that that’s a sure-fire way to proceed. Don’t do the basics and report the facts, whatever you do Bodger.

          3. V

            please Justine

            I’d rather lick a door handle than let you even think you can see a high moral ground on this one

            or in any other Church abuse case
            no matter where
            or how
            or what the outcome was

            And most especially anything concerning an individual tied to the Vatican Bank

          4. newsjustin

            You’d prefer someone who’s not guilty be in prison than feel you’ve lost an argument on the internet?

            That’s really sad.

  2. edrof

    Name and Shame?

    Firstly who took the picture, secondly they are out walking, look like a couple. Probably from same household

    Am myself and partner and daughter not allowed to be out together for our daily walk?

      1. The Bad Ambassador

        Do we know where they live?

        I’m not asking so we can verify if they are within 2km of their house but rather so we can fetch our pitchforks and torches and march there in protest.

        I despise people thinking the restrictions don’t apply to them – but let’s not rush to demand the lynching everybody we see exercising in some popular walking spot. Especially when there are plenty of houses within 2km of it. (Also, not everybody has a trundle wheel handy so give people the benefit of the doubt if they are maybe 2.01km from home).

  3. Marbe

    They are just doing something very enviable, I suppose they got out of a sealed car and will get back into a sealed car. I would give my back teeth to be there……………..

  4. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    This could have been Mildred and I but… yiz know the rest.

  5. Pat O'Kelly

    Fine if they are from the same household and with 2 km from home
    Plenty of houses within 2km of Dollymount
    Obey the rules
    Ne neart go cur le cheile

  6. Slightly Bemused

    I just feel embarrassed by the fact that as I took my morning lie-in I was wondering why the Guards were flying airplanes around my town. Looking for strays on whom to pounce? Checking for expired tax or NCT?

    Nope, turned out it was the landscape company cutting the grass. Maybe I should get up earlier, or at least open the curtains!

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      full moon, tis the beast within stirring, Diana calling ours names, scratching at the prison gates of the trappings of society, what’s left of them,
      basically nothing a giant orgy in the moonlight wouldn’t fix

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      At the moment there’s a lot of
      “in every dream home a heartache”, I’d say.

  7. Pip

    Just dawned on me where the headline comes from! Brilliant.
    Strand were not a success as the campaign had unforeseeable consequences, leading to the brand being associated with loneliness. Rebranded as Embassy, with a sociable party type message, it went on to be a bestseller. The original message had significant effect on popular culture and style way beyond the world of smoking.

    1. Shayna

      I was outside today to go to my pharmacy in Belfast – a prescription thing – I phoned my friend, who has a dog who needs walking, I arranged for a walk together 2 metres apart of course. We stopped off in the local park, Cranmore on The Lisburn Road – someone called The PSNI – 2 patrol cars arrived, 4 cops for sittting in the park?

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