Rathkeale, County Limerick.

That’ll learn him for being outside his own house.

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36 thoughts on “Cuffid

  1. Newname

    Hey look another post on BS implying that the lockdown is going too far, or being enforced too rigidly.

    We don’t know what was happening when they arrived prior to start of the video.

    You need to grow the hell up lads. You should be able to do what the Irish govt did, look at what happened in Italy, do everything you can to avoid it in Ireland.
    What do you think the difference is between ireland and the places WITH ALL THE DEAD PEOPLE? Starting lockdown early saved lives.

    Talk to some people working in icu in the UK, in Italy, then support the life saving measures at home.

    Or at least grow the balls to come out with your views openly instead of being so pathetic as to just repeatedly share posts creating doubts about the necessity of current rules in Ireland without actually stating what you think.

      1. Newname

        That was before she went full Gemtrails though no?

        This is just so irresponsible, it makes me furious, I view it as a real betrayal of all those who need lockdown to stay safe. The elderly, vulnerable, our medical staff.
        I know I have said it on here before, but I live in northern Italy, we have been decimated, and if Ireland does what the uk does, wait and see if it gets really bad before acting, it will be out of control and nobody will be able to do anything.

    1. Hansel

      “OUR LIBERTEEEEEEE” is Broadsheets new “leather jacket guy”.
      Irritation clickbait.
      When your own loved ones are fighting for lives, you might reflect on your own actions.

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    Can anyone translate? I have no idea what on earth they were bogging on about….

    1. ReproBertie

      They’re saying they did nothing wrong. The gardaí are saying that they were gathered in a close group when the gardaí arrived. They deny this saying they were more than 2m apart. There’s a round or two of “yes you were” “no we weren’t” and something about the gardaí being called about a motorbike before the man in navy says he knows all about it and can’t risk it as he has an underlying condition. He mispronounces the illness, the garda corrects him and he insults the garda at which point he is arrested.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        he says he has “OPD” in his lungs. the guard unnecessarily corrects him – “it’s called COPD” and then even more unnecessarily ads “you dont even know what it is”

        the correction was rude and disrespectful

        to which he responds in turn “I do know what it is, you smart bollix. are you a doctor?”

        the guard was the rude one, in fairness

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Yes – have to agree with that. Also, it looked like a young Garda doing the handcuffing. Blooding him?

        2. ReproBertie

          I tried to be impartial in the translation because we have no idea how long this was going on or what was said before the video started. This is just humans dealing with a stressful situation. It’s no surprise that patience runs out on both sides.

          “it looked like a young Garda doing the handcuffing. Blooding him?”
          Ridiculous comment.

        3. Hansel

          The Gardai said they had seen the lads congregating beforehand.
          Man says he has “OCP” in his lungs.
          He says this is why he couldn’t afford to have been congregating beforehand (effectively calling the Garda a liar).
          Garda corrects him on the name of the condition.
          Follows with “you didn’t even know what it was”.
          Man says “smart bollix, are you a doctor are you”.
          Garda arrests the man. Doesn’t clarify whether it was for disobeying, or insulting, but likely something to do with the existing Public Order Act, and nothing to do with new powers.

          Basically the lads are all arguing for the sake of arguing.

          Of course we only get a snippet of this and it’s possible that the Gardai had already asked these people many times previously to stop congregating.
          Alternatively it’s possible that the Gardai had been lying about seeing the men congregating, and had been heckling them many times previously.

  3. Kim The Cardassian

    I don’t know. Watching this just makes me feel me feel sad. Whatever happened beforehand doesn’t matter. You can hear the frustration in the arrested man’s voice. Maybe he’s lonely, depressed and it’s all coming out in anger. I doubt the Gardaí want to be arresting anyone under the Act either. Nobody wins here.

    1. Formerly Known As

      If you arrive in Australia, yo I spend two weeks in a hotel, courtesy of the government. We call it quarantine. There are 61 deaths in Australia. That includes aged care homes. Time for Ireland to get serious. Being a few days behind the UK is not mandatory.

  4. Yoji

    One of the neighbours in the video said he was the one that called them. Looks like they came along just as the neighbours were having meeting about the scrambler or whatever it was that caused the crap in the first place. After that it’s just a mess and the guards should do better. The guy’s a bottomhole no doubt but the guard was being very unprofessional. His job there was to calm the situation not intentionally lift it and then arrest a guy for reacting verbally. Now a potianally at risk person is being taken from his home and put in a place of risk for what? Breaking the rules for putting himself at risk by doing what exactly? Being stroppy with a guard? Should have been dealt with a lot differently. Smack the fella down and send him home. No need for arrests.

    1. Jim

      +1 here. Cool heads did not prevail here. Waste of resources arresting this guy for giving some lip.

    2. Hansel

      Yep not dealt with well at all.

      I’m not a Garda and haven’t spoken to any Gardai recently, but I’d say they have better stuff to be dealing with and very few of them signed up for weeks of telling people “go home, the rules do also apply to you, stop being an idiot”.

      1. Hansel

        I’d have said the opposite Steve! Many times I’ve had Gardai give it the “not my responsibility” rather than intervene when we wanted them to.

        Everyone’s human though. There’s good and bad Gardai, same as good and bad people in my job.

        The Garda on Gemma O Doherty’s live feed the other day was incredibly calm, courteous and careful with his language. I would not have been anywhere near as calm in that situation. So they’re out there, the good ones!

  5. Shawnee Poole

    A man gets arrested outside his own house in a housing estate in Co Limerick.
    During the arrest sequence 2 cars and a white van drive by all showing out of state rear registration number plates,
    Whats the chances of that happening throughout the rest of the country.

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