10 thoughts on “Calmdemic

  1. Micko

    My wife got tested there earlier on this morn.

    She’s grand so far though – just a fever and a few aches. Probably a cold…

    1. Hansel

      Hope she’s well soon Micko.
      And also that she gets a good quality “negative” result for Covid-19.

      1. Micko

        Thanks. She’s grand at the mo. Not a bother, so she’s kinda hoping that she is positive. At least then she’ll have hopefully got the “mild version” and then it’ll be over and done with. We hope.

        She had a really high temp for a week though. It hit 40 degrees one of the days.

        1. Hansel

          I heard from one of my friends that the hallucinations can be pretty crazy too.

          As you say, hopefully she got the “mild” version, and that she’ll be immune.

          Stay safe yourself too: hopefully you’ve escaped it!

  2. Joe cool

    Yep 23 days ago. both myself and the wife. Still no results. Hasn’t been a bother with the 2 of us. Still unable to get back to work till I get the results

  3. Clampers Outside

    My brother was tested and it took about 16 days for results. He works as a hospital theatre porter.

    He’s back at work :)

  4. Wetern

    No testing means no basis to continue lockdown.

    No testing means no basis to lift lockdown,

    Worst Pandemic Ever!!

    1. Tirowen

      They sure as hell don’t look busy. We need random testing of the healthy population to see how widespread the antibodies are at this point. –If we’re ever to get this mass incarceration lifted.

  5. Slightly Bemused

    Is it just me, or does that stance in the first pic look kind a like one Captain America would take when another baddies appeared. You know, kind of an ‘Aw, come on!’ type stance.

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