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  1. scottser

    signs like this were put up by willyheads just to exert an imagined sense of superiority.
    besides, it’s best just to push joggers out on to the road. preferably in front of a cyclist.
    *grabs popcorn*

      1. Rob_G

        I don’t know.

        Why is it up to Dublin City Council to provide the infrastructure for residents of D4 to park their cars on; surely they should be making their own arrangements at their own expense? There would be loads of space for walkers and joggers then.

        1. Jimmy Jimbob

          Wut ? DCC are providing infrastructure for D4 residents. People are just parking on the road, like everywhere else in the city (and country). Nothing special about this road.

          1. Rob_G

            How could there possibly be space for walkers but not for joggers – surely they take up the same amount of space?

            @Jimmy – the point I am making is: the residents appear to saying that there is not enough space for joggers to have a 2m-diameter of space, whereas they don’t seem to have any objection to their cars taking up 5 x 2m of space. It’s true this is the same all over the country – land is extremely valuable in D4 (even in Irishtown), and DCC is giving 10m2 to each motorist who lives there for a song. This represents public resources being given to private motorists; I don’t think there should be any residents permits for parking, in D4 or anywhere else – people should provide for the storage of their own private property at their own expense; I don’t see why a car would be any different in this regard than a snooker or a ping-pong table.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    it’s a pity more runners arent more considerate

    run on the road – there’s no traffic these days

    you can see the fear in people’s eyes when you’re running toward them. it’s not fair.

  3. SB

    Why is it too narrow for jogging, but not for walking? And do they own they path? When did this law come in?

    1. newsjustin


      These type of signs are put up by the same people who think the side of the public road outside their house is their private parking space.

    1. Jimmy Jimbob

      Joggers are also pedestrians, Should not the walking pedestrians avoid the jogging ones ?

      1. Col

        Everyone could be more considerate of everyone else, but I think we’re all meant to pick a tribe now and hate the others with a vengeance.

    2. rvs

      I’d be happy to do so if there was no risk of running over by a (rare) car.

      Lots of cities temporarily widened their footpaths (at the expense of parking or road space). Dublin should do the same.

        1. Rob_G

          Why is it such a wild suggestion that some tiny proportion of the vast, vast amount of public space that is currently dedicated to providing subsidised storage for private motor vehicles, be given over to forms of transport that are free to use and accessible to all?

    1. Jimmy Jimbob

      Irishtown is a very nice place (save for a few people on this particular stretch). Stay classy yourself.

  4. Joe

    A panting jogger is exhaling a much larger volume of air than a person walking.
    If they have covid19 they are spreading droplets at a greater rate than a pedestrian
    Anyone with a sense of decency be it a walker or a jogger will follow the 2 metre guidelines
    In saying that take a stroll along the Grand Canal and witness far too many joggers that are happy to run virtually on top of walkers to pass them by, leaving a plume of exhaled air and sweaty body odour in their wake.

    1. A Person

      Yeah people running are worse than walkers? The fact they can run shows that they are probably more healthy than the walkers.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Doesn’t have to be joggers, or running. Ever smelt exhaled smoke on a street from someone maybe 20’ away, if the breeze is blowing towards you?

  5. Matt Pilates

    In fairness, the obesity rates of locals from all those chips, cans, and Sky Sports makes it difficult for more than .5 of a person at the best of times.

    I’ve often run (never jogged) there and needed Google Maps to get around the very relaxed fit denizens of the area. Most of them working for Google.

  6. jamesjoist

    Judging by the politely barely suppressed anger in this thread the lockdown is nearing boiling point

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