‘Not Accidental’

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A gorse fire near Valleymount, Co Wicklow on Wednesday; tweets about the fire

This morning.

RTÉ reports:

An appeal has been issued for people not to set hill fires, as experts say that hundreds of acres of land across the Wicklow Mountains have been destroyed due to gorse fires.

It is believed that the natural habitat of a large number of creatures have been destroyed as a result of the fires, and the head of Wicklow Fire Service has said there is little doubt that the fires were started illegally.

Aidan Dempsey said given the Covid-19 issues,it is “doubly frustrating” to be sending crews and the Air Corps out to fight fires which he said “are not accidental“.

Wicklow gorse fires destroy ‘hundreds of acres’ (RTÉ)


Via Department of Agriculture

Meanwhile, separately…

7 thoughts on “‘Not Accidental’

  1. Dr.Fart

    this happens every hear because they are never punished. i used to run a practice in blessington co.wicklow in the late 90s, and one year i treated two very young boys for serious burns, a gorse fire spread to their house overnight. id never seen someone as distressed as their poor mother. she knew who set the fire, her husband had seen him do it, they went to the local Gardai, who did … preciously nothing. I was there for 3 years, and every year he set the hills aflame. I don’t know how someone didn’t pull his head off. God knows i wanted to. If the ignorant old backstard ever presented himself to my practice i wouldve misdiagnosed him and prescribed him some delibitating placebos.

    1. ____

      Keeps happening because they’re too scared to call out farmers for starting the fires.

      Kids, tourists, campers etc. get blamed for being careless or irresponsible…but farmers start these on purpose to clear land, knowing that absolutely nothing will happen to them


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