Under The Microscope


Yesterday’s HSE Map of Covid-19 cases in Ireland

You asked for more detail.

You’re getting more detail.

This afternoon (courtesy of Nightschool.ie)

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Cork and South West COVID-19 cases to April 13

North West COVID-19 cases

Greater Dublin and the Midlands COVID-19 cases

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Nghtschool (Facebook)

Yesterday: Free Movement

Thanks Eoin Ó Spealáin


13 thoughts on “Under The Microscope

  1. Amanda

    Lads if their wrong on this will they just come out and say it,we took precautions ,it didn’t turn out as bad but this is what you do when you don’t know how dangerous something is,speak about the science of quarantine,ring fencing etc , they didn’t bother to act in at the start and still haven’t full implemented but at least the spiel might temper people a bit.

    If they don’t it’s just going allow the conspiracy stuff to blow through the roof,maybe it has already, I think bill gates is the worst person possible to front this after his links to child sex trafficker Epstein, it seems we picked natural PR disasters to front it all over the world, gates manner even when talking is so bad,you’d think they would coach him in some way,even the tone of his voice.

    Public institutions already have trust issues, shutting down professionals with issues around the statistics is going to be petrol on a fire especially as they look for blame when economic issues come to the fore, all the social media comments are pro government action and pro lockdown yet out and about people are the complete opposite and don’t trust them.

    Whoever is advising Harris and Leo can swan off to the sun if chaos ensues,it will be us baring the brunt of protest disruption on top of an already slow economy.
    Do they honestly think the narrative of lockdown stopping the numbers going higher will work when it’s put in to context when all the data is crunched?

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