Melinda and Bill Gates


Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates addressed the ‘unknown timeline of the pandemic’ during the One World At Home Together concert.

Melinda Gates stressed that staying at home will save lives, but her husband insisted a vaccine is ‘needed’ to fight the virus.

He said:

“There’s a lot of vaccine candidates that we’re backing, and I’m optimistic, by late next year, one of those will come out,. And we need to make sure that gets out to everyone in the world.”


‘Late next year’.

Well, he seems to know what he’s doing.


Bill Gates Is Now A Target Of COVID-19 Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories (Forbes)

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45 thoughts on “Jabs For All

      1. :-Joe

        +100% Yep, and he and his twisted evil partner and their evil corrupt foundation are not philanthropist’s and they don’t do philanthropy, generosity or altruism either.

        Actual philanthropy is now so rare or anonymous as it should be, that the term itself is THE most common byword for large scale corrupt tax avoidance and pr-spin corporate nonsense and it’s always for a substantial profit.

        It’s a big fat lie so big it’s helped to coin the term Philanthro-(*pseudo)capitalism, along with surveillance (*pseudo)capitalism from stealing data and the much older and more established term, disaster (*pseudo)capitalism of global financial power like the IMF etc.

        – * Technically, classical or true capitalism does not actually exist anywhere either.


  1. Frank

    any new vaccine will have to be tested through thousands of people for a period of monitoring as to minimize the risk of potential dangerous side effects. 12 months 24 months??
    even if someone today said hurrah we have a vaccine it would still have to be tested.
    so waiting for a vaccine while very sensible is totally unworkable.

    an antibody test is how we can all go back to work. pint drinking etc.

    1. Cian

      1. an antibody test would also need to be tested (to make sure it is reliable – there are no side affects)
      2. we don’t know if having the anti-bodies give immunity from getting COVID19 (a second time). until we know this a test is meaningless.

      1. some old queen

        1. Anti body tests are already being used in India- they are not that far away. The main difference being that India is making their own so are more confident of the quality.

        2.We don’t know if anti-bodies give immunity but unless this thing is way different to other Coronavirues, it is highly likely that it does.

        The core question will be- who is infectious and who is not and again, using other viruses as a template, that will come down to viral load and shedding.

      2. frank

        1. an antibody test wouldn’t have side effects. you’d put a droplet of blood onto a testing strip.
        2. I’ve seen this being said about having the antibodies and it not giving you immunity a second time.
        I think that would mean you contracted another virus rather than the same virus infecting you a second time.
        I’ve seen it reported (in the daily Mail of all places) there’s different strains A,B and C. Perhaps it’s possible to get infected with each independently where one does not give you immunity to the other 2 strains???

        If people have been lucky enough to get a test are they being told what stain of Covid19 they have??

        There is obviously a gigantic failure here in testing. Both me and my partner had our tests cancelled.
        It’s of little wonder the HSE now reports there is no one waiting on testing… eh they cancelled thousands of tests.

        A question for you Cian with your inside track. How many tests did the HSE cancel due to (ahem) ‘revised testing perimeters’??

        1. Cian

          1. yeah – mentioned that. But we need to ensure that the tests actually work.
          2. this links back to #1 – will there be separate tests for each strain? if not, then the a general test is next-to-useless (it will tell you have had one of the COVID strains… but don’t know which one. So you are still susceptible to getting another strain)

          I’m just a normal punter. I have no access to any information that isn’t available to all. You could try to do a Google search and find out yourself.

    2. Dilbert

      Nothing like the rich that do not get it

      Mind you the ones who end up paying the price is the working class and the lower middle class

      1. some old queen

        As you well know Clamps, no way of proving he didn’t as that would contravene doctor patient confidentiality, even behind closed doors- but very easy to prove he did of course, which is not a tall ask given his current stance.

        :Rob- no infowars for me- but do keep trying eh? I am not actually anti Vax but I do understand how parents nowadays would have concerns- every year there is something else added and by their nature, they all have associated risks.

        In the case of CoVid-19, there is an assumption that if a vaccine was available most people would take it. Except by the time it is ready, a lot more will be known and probably a cure found. Now if the choice is taking a course of something akin to a course of antibiotics or a vaccine with potential unknown side effects- I know which I would choose.

        1. Rob_G

          Look at what you have written: you are saying that the absence of evidence to the contrary is proof of X; garbage, Birther-level reasoning.

          1. some old queen

            I am suspicious of a man who- albeit not obvious to the naked eye- wants to tattoo children after vaccination. That makes me a conspiracy theorist now does it?

            If he is so confident that a CoVid-19 vaccine is safe then he, wife and children should be the very first to take it. It is either safe or it is not.

    1. Matt Pilates

      Sure the kids were fitted with anti-virus software. Works a treat on Windows. What could possibly go wrong…

    1. newsjustin

      What’s in it for Gates to be encouraging vaccines? How does he benefit from vaccines?

      1. Pat Mustard

        Gates owns the licence to the vaccine. Which he wants to sell to everybody repeatedly like Microsoft Windows.

  2. Matt Pilates

    Watch out for the SQL Injection Bill. Dem viruses… Oh what’s the powerpoint …..

  3. :-Joe

    It’s encouraging to see how many people are aware of what an agent of digital neo-feudalist averice and what a slimey, creepy, piece of hypocritically greedy poo poo this bill gates fellow is…

    micropoopy software is as bad as gurgle, all of it. The whole windoze 10 OS is one giant privacy nightmare that even technologically literate IT professionals have trouble keeping from stealing data and sending it off to the corporations.

    The gates “monsanto-bayer-du pont gmo pseudo”green revolution” enviromental disaster” foundation is trying to force the legalisation of new digital patents on every form of ecology and food supply.

    Patenting original natural seeds and crops that they do not own or even grow and modify them for various nefarious purposes for only their maximum profit. Killing farmers from price fixing and sueing them and governments with legal manipulation if they don’t comply.

    In effect, gates is spearheading tyranny and is trying to digitise, monetise and monopolize the food supply through patent laws illegally and immorally over seeds, plants and crops.

    It’s a very real and the most serious nightmare malthusian scenario of enviromental destruction from the kind of idealogy also related to population control only seen with eugenics and hitler before them outside of a science fiction story.

    Take a look at this… If you care about the planet, our food supplies for the future then get behind this woman and our environment… Farming and agriculture needs to be aware of this in particular…

    Vandana Shiva, a qualified nuclear physicist turned environmentalist explains in detail what is really going on over the past few decades with GMO the fake “Green Revolution” version of the green new deal and how it was applied in India and in particular, bill “digital patent scumbag” gates and how he and his foundation is completely corrupt.

    [ ]

    France 24 News : bill gates is continuing the work of monsanto
    [ ]

    Democracy Now : Vandana Shiva – We must Fight back against the 1% to stop the Sixth Mass Extinction

    Stop paying for microserfs software and hardware and thus supporting digital feudalism and tyranny.
    – Your spending choice is as powerful as a vote. Copy/Pirate/Steal microserf’s software if you’ve no choice and have to use it.

    Anyway Linux/GNU is a better alternative and the way to go.. It’s finally making a more mainstream comeback as people are waking up to the reality about big data and it’s abuses and new companies are growing to support it’s use more widely by the general public.


      1. :-Joe

        Cheers but remember to be skeptical and don’t assume I know anything or it’s all true. Always have a good look at the details and decide for yourself.
        – If you’re satisfied it’s the truth and fact then help to spread common sense…


    1. :-Joe

      For some reason, not seemingly a bad one.. France 24 have replayed the link above as a new interview with a more recent date 140420…

      I’m guesstimating it must have been republished out of support and in trying to promote more common sense in the middle of an escalating information war against the colossal weight and pervasive influences of corporate power in our media and public discourse.


    1. :-Joe

      Ah the auld infowars, infowars, infowars slur…. over and over and over again… So clever and original especially with repetition.

      Well, to be fair you have just recently woken up to the fact that it’s not the late 80’s, early 90’s anymore…

      Anyway, don’t worry about all the complexity, you’ll get used to it soon enough…

      Also, remember, it’s great that you’ve even managed to make it back to reality in one piece…
      – A lot has changed though.. So, my advice is just be careful and take it slowly at first…

      One step at a time…


        1. some old queen

          Bodge- why am I still in quarantine? When it comes to 5G- I make no apologies for my views. Feel free to send a carrier pigeon.

      1. :-Joe

        RT is a state owned Russian broadcast company AFAIK but unlike RTE they don’t care who has a program or chanel on their network broadcasting from offices in UK or US and apparently not much different in Russia either.

        Part of it is because by giving various random media shows full autonomy it gives the Russian state a reputation of some credibility through freedom of speech etc compared to corporate us or uk and Irish broadcasters for example.

        It also helps to hide the fact that they are manipulating the media and the public seperately in other far more sophisticated ways than just censoring the media, which is an obviously now an older 20th century practice of manipulation and control.

        It’s not that difficult to find out more about this… It’s a bit strange but it’s discussed a lot in various articles by journalists and reports by many media outlets.

        I’m surprised people are not aware of it and I find many of the shows on RT far more open and independent than many other mainstream outlets.

        Al Jazeera is also often good for journalism and reporting too.. for a different opinion from a different angle.

        Judge it for yourself.. We all need to try listening more to new ideas…


  4. :-Joe

    On a side-note, has anyone witnessed the first response/video by Alex Jones as the Epstein story broke?

    Go search for it, it’s one of the most unintentionally hilariously funny videos you’re ever going to see. It’s like watching someone who originally found the proof of who shot J.R or whoever etc. and won the lottery at the same time…
    -Search on of course..


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