The Auld Rectangles


Luke Kelly statue on Sheriff Street, Dublin 1 last night

Last night.

The statue of the late Dubliners’ singer Luke Kelly on Sheriff Street in Dublin 1 was targeted again.

Cú Chulainn writez:

Savage beasts, or true Dubliners reclaiming Luke’s (questionable) statue as their own?


Dublin City Council to review how best to protect Luke Kelly statue (RTÉ)

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Pics via Anthony Flynn


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25 thoughts on “The Auld Rectangles

  1. edrof

    Take it out of there, they don’t deserve it if they can’t keep it from being vandalised every five minutes.

    I believe the other Luke Kelly installation has never been touched.

  2. Dr.Fart

    jesus christ its easy to stop this. install a security camera, and when it’s done again you catch the dirtbag and you make an example of him, heavy fine and community service, put it on the news, put other off. these people dont understand reasoning.

  3. paul

    Honey trap. Clean it up, make a big deal about unveiling it again, big fuss and then clear out. Guaranteed that night it’ll be hit again. Guards just need to wait it out.

    …that or some big lads with hurls.

  4. Pat

    Desperate looking thing. Like some 1970s porn actor shooting his bolt. It probably incenses the local yoot. No excuse for this defacement though

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        I wasn’t keen on it at first but it’s grown on me and this crap makes me more determined that it shouldn’t be moved.

  5. :-Joe

    Lol.. haha.. another funny title…

    Anyone really care about this, who does it really affect all that badly?
    IDK.?.. Maybe allow/install a few grafitti spaces / walls in the area and run a demoonstration or competition and invite the wider community of artists around too?…

    I preferrred the previous psychadelic rainbow version of Kelly myself…


  6. Scundered

    I wonder do the authorities expect a different result next time they clean it up or is this just the new accepted way of things? Someone somewhere knows who done it, and if they feel any pride in their community they should report the criminal.

  7. Andrew

    Move the statue to a place where it will be respected. Near O’Donoghues maybe? I know Luke was from the Sheriff Street area but did he live anywhere else in Dublin?

  8. Pee Pee

    I love that bust.
    Its silly vandalism. Nothing too serious. Least it keeps someone in a job.

  9. Matt Pilates

    Lads, look at the location – it’s going to get vandalized periodically. Just leaving it will add that extra touch of community appreciation.

    Looking for trouble whoever planned that one….

  10. scottser

    put it on a plinth so the scrotes can’t reach it.
    and cover the plinth in creosote and grease so they can’t climb up it.

  11. Tom

    Disgusting piece of cultural vandalism. Well done to the local young people for highlighting it.

  12. Ragamuffin

    Excellent headline!

    Controversial idea: why not leave it there with the graffiti, instead of the constant cleaning or moving to a new site? I’m reminded of Glasgow City Council’s long running power struggle to keep the traffic cone off the Duke of Wellington statue. There was talks for years of spending vast sums on raising the plinth, or installing high tech CCTV to “protect” the sculpture from locals. Eventually sense won out, and the cone is now a permanent fixture, and seen as a symbol of Scotland’s anti-establishment sense of humour. It’s now described as “iconic” and “must see” in guide books etc, where as I imagine previously it was roundly ignored . Either way, I’d be interested to hear what the artist Vera Klute sees as the best solution?

  13. A Person

    Can I ask, why it is the graffiti always glasses, and why always red paint? Shurely the normal gobsheen graffiti is “gobsheen was here” etc.?

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