See Through The Mask


Chin up.

It may never happen.

Louis Le Fronde writes:

I noticed this clever face mask when I was in a restaurant in Beijing [China] last year. They were being worn by the chefs, bar staff and waiters. I thought to myself, what a cool device, to avoid spreading germs (colds, flu, bugs etc) and viruses).

I further thought to myself, what if these were mandatory in every bar, cafe and restaurant together with latex gloves and regular handwashing? Could this reduce the spread of colds, infections and other bugs?

Also imagine if these were used in every supermarket, cafe and shop. I wonder how many lost work days would be saved?

Face Mask

31 thoughts on “See Through The Mask

  1. Pat Harding

    I’m all for this, it makes perfect sense. Avoids chefs and other catering staff dribbling into and indeed sneezing on food products particularly during flu season. Bring it on.

  2. George

    If he thinks the benefit of reduced illness outside of covid19 is fewer lost work days rather than an improvement in people’s health he has fully internalised neo-liberalism.

    I’ll be he doesn’t work in any of those place. How about we make them mandatory in your office too, Louis if you want them in all supermarkets to combat colds.

    1. Pat Harding

      Ah here comes the lunatic left-wing nuts. As soon as I read the word “neo-liberal” I immediately switch-off. George, do me a favour – just go away with yourself and settle in Venezuela.

      1. Finnster

        Why the need to insult and label someone with dissenting views? Another step towards totalitarianism.

      2. George

        If Louis showed more respect for low paid people in retail instead of suggesting they wear uncomfortable masks for 8 hours a day that will cause sores and indentations on their chin to get a few more work days for the economy then I wouldn’t have to refer to neo-libarilsm.

        Why, in normal circumstances, would people in supermarkets be more likely to give you a cold than anyone else. And why would people working in a bar be anymore likely to give you a cold than the customers who can’t drink and wear these at the same time? Hot food also kills viruses.

    2. Finnster

      Indeed, way to get maximum value from the serfs. God forbid anyone should need a sick day. And, as for the gloves suggestion, I once worked with someone who wore her latex gloves to the bathroom and then served customers with same gloves. Just because someone wears gloves, doesn’t mean they have good hygiene standards.

  3. Gokkers

    I don’t eat in restaurants precisely for this reason. I can’t abide human contact in all its forms and the risks associated with it. I once shook a person’s hand in 1994 and had an annaphactic shock. Simply making eye contact these days fills me with dread….,get a poo poo grip!

  4. some old queen

    You’d have a blister on your chin and worn skin behind you ears after wearing that thing for even one work day. Besides, we all carry virus and bacteria and pass to each other all the time, that’s nature folks.

    I am not saying we shouldn’t practice good hygiene but out biggest strength is our immune systems so- without getting too Joe about it- clean eating, plenty of rest and as little stress as possible.

  5. Chimpy

    Could you imagine how sore your ears and chin would be after working with that on all day? Look at the damage the normal PPE is doing to the poor health workers. This is a ridiculous idea.

    1. paul

      I’m starting to get a groove cut into my nose from the PPE where I work, I can’t imagine what that mask/visor would do to the chin, bottom lip and behind the ears.

  6. Slightly Bemused

    Slightly related, if anyone wearing glasses and trying to use the standard rectangular face mask has the problem of glasses fogging, I found a trick that reduces that considerably.
    Fold down the top of the mask to the inside (against your face) and then wear it. The fold acts as a channel and scoots most of your breath away to the sides. Not perfect, but at least 90% better than without.

  7. Rob_G

    Do the germs for some reason ignore the giant gap at the top of the mask or is there something I am missing here…

  8. Harry Robertson

    Looks like the mask would keep infecting the wearer… sneeze or cough and it’s just forced up their nose.

  9. AFoxIndeed

    I suspect Louis likes his little inner monologue and is thinking to himself, perhaps i will write a book about all my litle thoughts of the underlyings

  10. d

    i think we are supposed to be exposed to bacteria, virusses, colds, etc. keep our immune system up. over generations of wearing masks we would become awful soft

    this invention is like the motor car. seems good at the time but how many deaths has it caused by making people lazy.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      exactly, why kids that grow up on farms or kids who’s mother’s even spend part of their pregnancy on farms are far less likely to get asthma

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