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Are they multiplying?

Tipperary-based apple farmer and horticulturist Cornelius Traas writes:

I Had a van driver delivering to me yesterday. His van was covered in squashed insects (see above). He said he hasn’t seen the likes in 25 years. I was noticing the same a few days ago.

Our chat ensued about how this was mostly just because many less vehicles on the road at the moment. Then we went on to discuss how many more are probably now surviving due to less traffic. And then to how much of a factor traffic is in insect decline.

And conversation then went to possibly mathematically modelling the contribution of traffic to loss of insect life in Ireland. Always felt it was a major factor. This looks like evidence.


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6 thoughts on “Splat!

  1. bisted

    …business opportunity for Shayna…she could take people on nostalgic fly splatting trips along the Lough shore on summer evenings…

  2. Nigel

    Pollution from motor vehicles as much as collisions probably plays a part. Has there been a reduction in isecticide use and weed killer? That would be good news.

  3. uncle gaybo

    There are loads of bees of all variety prospering where I live, haven’t seen anything like it before. is it to do with less traffic? Has to be something to do with recent changes in human behaviour

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