34 thoughts on “Walker In The Ditch

  1. Finnster

    Oooh, great letter! I see a huge amount of ridiculous animated-sidestepping when I’m out. Even by those wearing surgical/ski masks!

      1. Finnster

        : ) it’s amazing what irrational fear does to so many people. People are so malleable. There have been virulent strains of influenza and other diseases in the past and none of these nonsensical rules have been implemented.

        1. george

          Just curious when was the last time doctors and nurses were being killed due to having treated flu patients? That’s something I have never heard of before. It is great though that you have the luxury of being so casual about their lives.

          1. Finnster

            You don’t know, I don’t know, is my short answer. We have never had so much fear and death porn peddled by the MSM. You only know what they chose to tell you and that information is not consistent from one year to the next. When the economy is fluiched and the suicide rates go up, you probably won’t hear these about these statistics from the MSM. Same for the untreated cancer/other serious disease patients.

          2. George

            I do know, hun. Doctors and nurses do not die from treating people with the flu. I have never read the Daily Mail in my life and the politics of the paper are the exact opposite of my own.

          3. Finnster

            I think scottser has you sussed. You’re also the sort of person who calls people hun because you think you’re hilarious. It’s just a cheap shot though. Enough said.

      2. Brother Barnabas

        i’ve found a spluttery cough from distance quickly resolves the “are you going to cross or am i” dilemma

    1. george

      Masks don’t protect the wearer so they are of no relevance here except that people with Masks are the ones taking things most seriously so they are the ones most likely to allow 2 metres of space. Please make the effort to step aside wherever it is possible.

  2. Pat O Kelly

    1)”Seemingly healthy” How has the writer failed to realise that asymptomatic people can be infectious
    2) “Jumping into ditches” is never a particularly good idea – look before you leap
    Let’s all continue to keep our distance but also remain courtious
    I have noticed how rarely people pass each other these days without a friendly greeting

  3. paul

    whatever the percentage chance, it’s not 0%.

    I gladly take the pram into long grass or across stones to avoid the ignorant, selfish and the moronic.

      1. paul

        I couldn’t handle the stupidity. I’d be out the door and on my way home faster than you can say “the Taoiseach has called another photo-op”.

  4. Custo

    I don’t think anyone moves aside because they think they’re going to catch coronavirus, they do it because it’s a nice thing to do. Like the half jog you do for 2 steps when a car let’s you pass. You’re not actually moving any quicker, but it’s an acknowledgement.

    1. george

      I do it to reduce the risk of the virus being spread which is why we are supposed to be doing it. I don’t think I am going to get it from every person I pass or that I am necessarily likely to get it from any of them but there are millions of these interactions taking place every day and if we all make the (small) effort we minimise the risk.

    1. Finnster

      How did you know, precovie, that someone near you didn’t gave community-acquired pneumonia?

      1. Col

        How would you be able to tell whether someone is asymptomatic until it’s too late? You wouldn’t. But that’s my point.

  5. SOQ

    If ever they develop a UV type lamp to show CoVid-19- I think people are going to be shocked at how common it is sitting on surfaces, including in the home.

      1. SOQ

        Never say never george- they are already testing UV light to disinfect buses in the US. And, it appears that our nasty little friend doesn’t do very well in direct sunlight either.

        1. jamesjoist

          even with an ultra violet light you would still need a scanning electron microscope to catch a glimpse of them

        2. Harry Robertson

          Now if only we could miniaturise them and shove em into the body (like through the skin, or some other way) we’d all be safe..

          1. SOQ

            Oh look at you with your conspiracy theories about injecting disinfectants into the body.

            Sure that is just silly.

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