‘Huge Job’


Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health at a press briefing last night

Last night.



33 thoughts on “‘Huge Job’

  1. edrof

    @ David Carroll
    3. Listen to entire audio of a roomful of people and transcribe as best as possible
    4. Review Transcription for errors by second party
    5. Publish

    As someone who has worked with PA’s at the highest levels in multinationals i can confirm that a simple board meeting discussing day to day management of a large company can take multiple days to transcribe, review and publish.

    You have to love the simplistic types sometimes

    1. edrof

      Bahahaha, I just looked at Dave’s twatter … I needn’t have bothered addressing his points.
      Usual all over the place nut job, think he stops just shy of the 5G nonsense

    2. edrof

      On top of this, Dave has 26 followers so is either a pal of Bodger or Bodger is scouring the internet for people agreeing with his backwards yokel beliefs

    3. scottser

      that sounds like bad minuting. good minutes should be a brief synopsis of what is discussed, agreed actions and timelines. the best minutes are succinct and concise.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Exactly. That’s the idea of ‘minutes’. It’s not a transcript of a complete conversation.

        1. edrof

          In order to obtain an accurate synopsis the audio needs to be transcribed before being minuted.

          I would suggest whoever is taking your minutes should have their work reviewed as soon as possible.

          1. Commenter #1

            This is true, although not all meeting minutes are based on audio transcriptions. However, edrof is right; producing an accurate, comprehensive set of minutes that reflect the deliberations of any body/committee should be treated very carefully and professionally. It’s not just a transcription.

            If people want a transcription instead of minutes, they should ask for it. But should clarify why a coherent, concise set of minutes aren’t appropriate.

  2. Joe Small

    I’ve never heard of any official Government committee recording its proceedings and releasing those recordings. Daft suggestion.

    Minutes and a recording of proceedings are two entirely separate things.

    Minutes are usually released later, time permitting. I imagine the secretariat of that committee has enough real work to be doing that spending endless days typing up minutes of meetings in the middle of a pandemic.

    Also, minutes are invariably dull and uninformative.

    1. sert

      Minutes are usually released later, time permitting.

      Minutes are always released, no exceptions…………………… except where the boss has a history of trying to hide important issues from the public:

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      Top medic advised against Cervical Check review

      The most senior Government health adviser advised against a review of CervicalCheck the day after Vicky Phelan called for an investigation into the screening programme.

      Instead, Tony Holohan, Department of Health chief medical officer (CMO), urged the health minister to opt for a report which Dr Holohan himself would prepare. He advised Simon Harris that the “appropriate way forward” was to “state that you have asked me to provide a report on the matter, including whether further actions or steps are required”.

      He added: “I strongly advise that you do not commit to a review of CervicalCheck arising from the recent court case.”

      The key responsibilities of the CMO include providing expert medical evidence, especially in public health matters, as well as leading on patient safety issues, emergency planning and other areas

      How many times have you heard Holohan raising the patient safety risks in overcrowded Hospitals?

      Never ever.

  3. SOQ

    How about just sticking in a camera and mike and stream live like they do in New Zealand?

    Now that is REAL transparency.

    1. Cian

      Are New Zealand’s “National Public Health Emergency Team’s” (or their equivalent) meetings really live-streamed? can you send a link?

        1. Curious Armchair Epidemiologist

          I thought Cian raised an interesting question and went looking myself. As far as I can see, the NZ Epidemic Response Committee you’ve linked to there is just a parliamentary committee like our Public Accounts Committee – it appears to have opposition politicians on it and in fact seems to be chaired by an opposition NZ MP. Its role seems to be to hold government to account (like our committees). Our parliamentary committee meetings are also televised so looks like Ireland and NZ are similar there.

          The NZ equivalent of our NPHET appears to be something they call the Covid 19 Technical Advisory Group. I can’t find any link to any live coverage of the CV19 Technical Advisory Group meetings in NZ. In fact, I can’t even find any link to the minutes of their meetings. On the face of it, it appears that Ireland is in fact *more* transparent than NZ about the decision making process and expert advice received, as we are publishing the minutes (albeit after a delay)

          All of the above is on the basis of a few minutes research, so I may be wrong. But I would genuinely be interested if somebody could provide the link Cian asked for above.

  4. Hansel

    In today’s news:
    For the sport:
    And now the weather:
    No need to thank me Broadsheet, but I might have saved you hundreds of hours of work.

    1. edrof

      Well bloody said,

      Broadsheet is becoming the Weekly World News with this pandemic.

      Next up, Bat Boy was in fact the patient zero in this outbreak.

      1. Hansel

        I thought it was just me that saw a difference in Broadsheet’s reporting, but your “with this pandemic” comment confirms you feel similarly: since the middle of March or so, the content appears to have been weighted towards conspiracy innuendo.

        I used to find Broadsheet a good source of news, but can’t take it seriously now.

        It’s currently one small step above “Dey shud al go to jail hun did U see wat dey did to yer one X x”

        1. edrof

          Way back they even reported the false and dangerous news that taking ibuprofen was dangerous if suffering from Covid 19, I vividly remember taking this as gospel and warning my partner to only stock up on paracetamol and related medicines

          God knows how many people that pack of lies that affected. Luckily nobody in my immediate family has been affected as of yet.

        2. J Dizzle

          Bodger has been pushing the narrative on this one. Last week when the deaths were being questioned it was highlighted to them that the over all figure was the same but alloted to particular days. The backlash came from a few posters claiming I was a HSE troll. All because I pointed out the huge gaping hole in their argument.

        3. millie in quarantine


          Very disappointed in Broadsheet’s editorial stance on this, to the point that most days I’m finding it hard to read both content and threads without a massive eye roll.

      2. V

        Ah knock it off

        All of ye
        This false information fake news conspiracies bias NPET this that and whatever yer having yerselves

        Nobody has the right answers
        Or the impeccable impenetrable sure thing figures facts or advice


        Not even Trump

        Just bored eejits
        And idle key boarders
        Gasping for a bitta argy bargy and distraction

  5. V-19

    Dr Holohan is not wrong, so hould off with the sarc @davecarroll01
    1. Place dictaphone on table.
    2. Press start button

    They need to be transcribed; circulated, amended, etc
    Then, next meeting,
    Called to order, Attendance/ Apologies,
    Agree & Adopt Agenda
    MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – even at this point – they are only DRAFT Minutes
    Proposed Seconded All in Agreement ideally
    Matters Arising From the Minutes if so, these will be recorded into the next set of minutes

    So if this committee is sitting every day, the members could easily lose an hour just tidying up the minutes of the previous day’s meeting

    Haven’t they enough to be doing – Just put everything while they themselves insist on Lockdown and Restrictions, that can be enforced, onto something like the Courts DAR system.

    And Cop On
    I want this crowd to do their jobs and get us out of this freezer box asap, not have to spend time dealing with bollockology

    1. edrof

      I really wish you hadn’t bothered replying, I have no doubt you will be called a FG / FF shill for this post.
      I made the same mistake above and only after this looked at Dave Caroll the card carrying lunatic’s twitter page

      Wasting time with showing him what needs to be done.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Taoiseach Holohan (him of attempted Cervical Cancer cover-up) should be trusted and believed then lads?

    1. edrof

      i hear the virgin media broadband outage was caused by holohan ordering the 5G power to be boosted so he could ensure more cases of Covid 19 and keep the beaches clear for himself and Leo to go skinnydipping in Bettystown on Saturday

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