In St Mary’s


St Mary’s Hospital nursing home in Phoenix Park, Dublin where 11 residents have died in the past month, ten of whom who tested positive for Covid-19

Each Sentence Tells A Story (Irish Times Letters)

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9 thoughts on “In St Mary’s

  1. newsjustin

    The bottom line here is that it really does seem like the places (and people in them) obviously most at risk from COVID19 were not protected as they should have been. Or else maybe they were, but the disease is so devastating for the elderly, this happened. My gut tells me it’s the former.

    1. Chuckenstein

      I think your suspicion is correct. There was an article somewhere last week suggesting that this scenario was recognised as a potential problem from the outset (how could it not be?) but that it was allowed to take shape because, it was felt, any mitigating action from the start would have been almost pointless….i.e. let it run its course because resources would be better used elsewhere.

      1. SOQ

        The storm is upon us- the absolute ‘mother’ of all lawsuits.

        But ya know- teeth ‘n tits photo shoots are important.

        Look at me out swabbing today.

        Look at me patting old people on the head tomorrow.

        Look at me admiring daffodils in the first week of June.

        *skips away*

  2. Truth in the News

    All institutions where multiple deaths have occurred from the virus need to be
    identified and we also need know what protective measures were in place to
    limit infection and who in the HSE. the Dept of Health and indeed the Health and
    Safety Authority enforced them, those who have had lost family members need
    to identify where their deaths have occurred as in the example of the late Mrs
    Hegarty…..Sympathy to her grieving family members and the letter by her niece
    has exposed what the media have failed to properly report,

  3. Pablo

    Definitely some sort of a cover up in Craddock Hse Nursing home. When I asked the nurses their how many had passed away they said that the owner had instructed them not to tell!!!
    When I asked the owner the same question, she said that they had a “few”!!!
    I said u have had over 20 and she laughed it off and said no we haven’t!!
    This place needs to be investigated as to how the virus got in there!!
    Glad to see @paul71 has spotted this aswell.

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