Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Minister for healtth Simon Harris want the lockdown extended

This afternoon.

The national lockdown will be extended for another two weeks for the vast majority of people when the current quarantine period ends after the bank holiday weekend.

The Government will announce the extension on Friday while also outlining a roadmap for lifting social-distancing restrictions over the coming months.

The only easing of working restrictions from May 5 being considered is for those who work outdoors, such as construction workers and gardeners.

Lockdown to be extended for another two weeks for the vast majority (Independent.ie)



It is understood that there were mixed views at Cabinet this morning around the easing of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Several ministers highlighted the need for what was termed “a little bit of give” on the restrictions.

There was concern expressed by some that an extended lockdown could lead to the permanent loss of many jobs….

Cabinet hears virus levels not yet low enough to lift restrictions (RTÉ)

Earlier: Huge Job


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42 thoughts on “No Give

  1. edrof

    Good. And if I continue to see people doing as they shouldn’t I hope they get more strict.

    The past weekend I witnessed two garden parties beside me, each house contained 12+ people, no social distancing. Yesterday evening, gang of 10 teenagers outside the local spar, again no social distancing.
    Live by a main road – no matter what anyone says, the traffic has increased dramatically here (St Margaret’s Road)
    Not to mention the absolute clowns outside the courts today.

      1. edrof

        If you’re referring to it’s tag line of being responsible for one’s own actions …..then your broadsheet handle is in direct contravention of this.

          1. edrof

            Charlestown Apartments, two BBQs, guards called. St MArgaret’s Road, back garden party, guards shut it down. 

          2. GiggidyGoo

            I hope that’s not your surname spelt backwards (if some of your neighbors are reading BS)

      2. Mart Cattle

        Pat Mustard is Know Man Is An Island is jusayinlike is Man On Fire is Nasty Commenter shocker

    1. Joxer

      Bit of the “Put an Irishman on the spit and you can always get another Irishman to turn him“ from edrof and others on here. The curtain twitching and constant calls for more police powers are nauseating. If people want to meet up that’s their choice as much as you have the choice to quarantine for longer if you’d like to

  2. Finnster

    Plandemic all going to plan. There has been a significant increase in suicidal ideation among the elderly, according to Alone. This is not going to end well.

      1. Mart Cattle

        Pat Mustard is Know Man Is An Island is jusayinlike is Man On Fire is Nasty Commenter shocker.

        I’m one to talk. This will be my username from now on though.

  3. Panty Christ

    Crashing the economy on purpose now so they can carve up what’s left for FG friends with benefits

    1. Finnster

      Us plebs will never know what went on in those secret Bilderberg meetings. The world is a cesspit. It’s hard to play along with this charade.

  4. edrof

    I hope for the sake of the next generation that none of the conspirinuts above have any children.

    I am actually hoping all of the above comments are tongue in cheek and a sneaky dig at Bodger’s newfound tinfoil hat brethren

  5. Zaccone

    Italy, the worst hit country in Europe, announced a relaxing of restrictions beginning May 4th for industries like construction and manufacturing. With a clear time table after that for the following weeks with various other sections of society opening – May 18th for retail, June 1st for bars etc.

    And plenty of other European countries have also begun relaxing measures already, a week ago – schools and businesses opening etc.

    There is absolutely no reason for our government A) not to have announced a clear schedule at this stage and B) not to be relaxing things.

    1. SOQ


      Here is an idea. Move your small business outdoors. Apply the same adaptive principle as when the smoking ban came in.

      Invest in parasols or awnings, a few hoses and hey presto- every camp hairdresser becomes a butch outdoor construction worker.

      Ok- that is stretching it a bit but you get the idea. Tell the councils where to go if start about pavement space,

  6. Mart Cattle

    It’s hilarious to see such an effulgent tribute to some of the great user handles of yesteryear on the site

  7. Matt Pilates

    Good. Extend it another couple of months.

    Irish Times Lift the Lockdown daily chant: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? (translation: advertising revenue and cushy jobs down the jacks).

    Are we there yet?

    59 DEAD TODAY.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      But Karen needs her roots done and Kyle wants a point of Hoino with the goys. Your dead granny is just collateral damage.

    2. ReproBertie

      59 deaths reported today but that doesn’t mean they all died in the last 24 hours. As usual, the figures are a little misleading though no less tragic.

      1. Ghost of Yep

        “but that doesn’t mean they all died in the last 24 hours.”

        Or that Covid-19 is a mitigating factor. In fairness.

        1. ReproBertie

          What are you basing that on? As I understand it they only report Covid-19 related deaths at these press conferences.

  8. Lisa

    59 dead not all in last 24hrs..if one case in wuhan can lead to 3million cases in 6 months..what are they waiting for before they can lift lockdown…we will never get the cases low enough to lift lockdown…so might as well lift it now..only delaying inevitable and destroying economy to boot

  9. Plumbob

    How come Broadsheet is a lot more ehhhh, let’s say “Gemma” on twitter than they are on their actual website?

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