Regarding Henry Street



This morning.

Henry Street, Dublin 1.

Debenhams workers protesting outside the Henry Street branch of the chain calling for government action to save their jobs a day before a liquidation hearing for Debenhams on Thursday. A previous demonstration at the branch was dispersed by Garda officers over Covid-19 fears.

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29 thoughts on “Regarding Henry Street

  1. Matt Pilates

    OK, they have a legit cause and right to protest.

    What is not legit is to say they were treated badly last week compared to the numpties outside the Four Courts. There were plenty of other groups not socially distancing that day and were pulled up, but I doubt there’s a State conspiracy against nudie swimmers in Dollymount.

    1. V

      Maybe AGS were worried about the reputation of Debenhams, the Debenhams creditors and the appointed liquidator

      Big business like
      Rather than any COVID-19 spread risk

      In the public interest definitely has a different interpretation in Garda HQ than it does in my gaff anyway

  2. millie in quarantine

    I remember finding out I had lost my job on the 6 o clock news. I had finished up only two hours before and had just got home. A colleague called me telling me to turn on the news.

    The company had been handed over to Deloitte at close of business that day. I wasn’t even allowed back in to the building collect my personal belongings.

    It was a pretty disgusting way of being told that you matter eff all to your employers.

    1. SOQ

      I lost a job by reading it in a lunch time national newspaper- well, The Belfast Telegraph. What was more shocking was that the company accountant was standing reading it with me and even she had no idea.

      It later transpired that the person responsible had gone bust four time before, apparently it is very profitable if properly planned, even the tacky art work on the walls was rented- zero assets.

  3. Cian

    Do you realise that it’s not just the actual demonstration that is problematic (be it at the courts or Henry St) but also the journeys they are making (unless they all happen to live within 2km) and any other interaction they may be having – buying a coffee, pressing the button to cross the roads, pushing open doors, etc.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      There are others on the street in the photographs. I take it they are all being questioned by the Gardai? Do the Gardai buy coffee?

    2. SOQ

      Seriously Cian- just give it up.

      Gardaí community officers will spend years trying to build relations with the citizenry again because of this stupid authoritarian bullpoo.

  4. Zaccone

    I’ve lots of sympathy for them but I’m not sure what they hope to see happen here. Protesting isn’t going to make Debenhams any less bankrupt. Its not like the government can force a company to keep its shops open.

    1. topsy

      I’d always have sympathy for people who have lost their jobs in such circumstances. But it seems your happy for people to be jobless. Ok.

    2. ReproBertie

      Debenhams is not bankrupt. They plan on reopening many of their UK stores though the number that will not reopen has grown to 11.

      1. Zaccone

        They’re in receivership, and currently claiming they’ll reopen “some” of their more profitable stores. Pending how corona goes. The odds on them not going bankrupt are low, given they were teetering on the edge as it was before the giant global recession thats just starting.

        Protesting just isn’t going to make their Dublin stores profitable again, unfortunately.

        1. V

          None of that means their Irish employees should be denied their chance to have a say about it

          If anything they’re being discriminated against
          By both their former employer
          And our own police force

          1. Zaccone

            Have their say about…what? About the generic public not shopping enough in Debenhams over the last number of years to financially justify the shop staying open?

            Its terrible they’ve lost their jobs, but they really need to move on sooner rather than later for their own sake – all this is doing is wasting their own time, and potentially exposing them to corona.

          2. V-19

            I think its a bit wider than that tbh Zeb

            Overseas Giant Retailers dominating our main streets
            Acquiring Irish Goodwill and then letting them go stale while they focus on their own home markets

            Are Dunnes the last of the original Irish Families in the Big Store space?

            Look at it another way, giant retail spaces now empty
            Some on some of our major thoroughfares in fairness I couldn’t give hoot about Blanch

            Like look at Cork, the original Roches building on Pana
            I’m not happy that’s going to be boarded up

            I’m also thinking about the role Irish Retail Workers have played in our society
            And how the wider world see’s us
            Like the Dunnes Stores workers back in the day of Apartheid

            Interfering with this protest is a shabby way to observe that legacy

          3. Otis Blue

            V, if the store on Patrick’s St is boarded up that’ll be done by the Roche family that still own it. Debenhams only leased it as, I think, was also the case in Henry St.

          4. Rob_G

            “Like the Dunnes Stores workers back in the day of Apartheid”

            – what in the name of the blue-blazes does a shop closing down due to lack of business have to do with Aparthaid…

          5. Zaccone

            Its not really wider, though, is it – they’re protesting to get their jobs back, not for some moral crusade. And this just won’t happen, because the store wasn’t economically viable before corona, and its a hell of a lot less economically viable now.

            My point is that given that, theres just no point in the protest . Its not like workers from a still viable store protesting for better pay/conditions – those protests have an achievable end goal. This protest unfortunately does not. Its protesting for the sake of protesting. And doing it at a dangerous time to do so, for health reasons.

          6. V-19

            Well if its important to these newly redundant workers, who are also considered to be essential workers btw,
            then it should be important to others

            Me anyway

            Let them have the street to have their say
            Its not costing anyone anything
            Not Debenhams or their Creditors
            Or the Gardai
            Or other retailers

          7. Brother Barnabas

            “they’re protesting to get their jobs back”

            no, they’re protesting about the redundancy terms

          8. Cian

            It’s awful that they lost their jobs and they aren’t getting a decent redundancy. But
            “Let them have the street to have their say
            Its not costing anyone anything
            Not Debenhams or their Creditors
            Or the Gardai
            Or other retailers”

            No. If we need to be in lockdown then we need everyone in lockdown.
            If you think that protesting is an “essential service” then can we all protest? Are the GO’D and Waters protesters valid? Can I start a protest march down Dun Laoghaire pier on Saturday against lockdown?

            I was out for my daily walk and noticed that the roads seem to be busier today than last week.

        2. A Person

          You cannot, cannot complain re the righteous commentator on here. Otherwise you are a fool, or barking, or wrong etc. If people don’t shop in a store, it goes bust unfortunately. But if you want to save the store you shop there. V or V 19 or whatever name you want to call yourself, when did you last shop in that store?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        along with barclays, silver point capital and another group i don’t remember the name of, bank of ireland owns debenhams

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