Bursting His Bubbles


Danger here.

This morning/afternoon.

Sunday Times journalist Mark Tighe tweetz:

We’ve been digging deep into the John Delaney regime at the FAI and are excited to announce our book Champagne Football is now available for pre-order from Easons [at link below]. Will hit book shops in Sept – barring any last-minute injunction attempts!

Champagne Football by Mark Tighe and Paul Rowan (Eason)

7 thoughts on “Bursting His Bubbles

  1. :-Joe

    Rode the waves, passed the test with flying colours and got the top gold badges for a chance at UEFA and maybe even the cream of the crop in FIFA board membership… It’s some crop though…

    After receiving his golden handshake/pension as the final insult…

    Literally nobody. – “Hooray ! Fair play to him, he deserves it after all that he’s done… So badly treated and unjust.

    Delaney – “Here we go, all the way to the top baby !”

    If he’s able to get away with with it so easily the problem must be ten times bigger than we’re ever going to know about.


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