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This morning.

The COVID-19 testing facility on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay on the Liffey in Dublin  2.,



During yesterday’s Dáil sitting, Social Democrat TD and co-leade Róisín Shortall (top) criticised the ‘Government’s delays in reaching the testing target of 100,000 per week’.

Ms Shorthall said,

“It has proven exceptionally difficult to get clear answers about the reasons for the delays in achieving the original test and trace strategy, either from Government or the health authorities.

We’ve had to ask questions three, four, five times to get anywhere close to a reasonable answer. This has especially been the case in relation to reagent.

While the public has played its part, increasingly it is being seen that the Government has not delivered on its side of the deal. I believe this is leading to a loss of confidence and growing frustration among many people.

The authorities need to level with the people, explain clearly what is happening, including the problems, and provide straight answers to questions.

Unfortunately, there has been obfuscation and spin about the entire test and trace strategy and regrettably, after several weeks of lockdown and sacrifice, the failure to implement the strategy will mean the lifting of the restrictions will be delayed further.

“Our recovery is entirely dependent on our ability to test and trace this virus, and unless we have a transparent, robust strategy as originally proposed, it will take longer for restrictions to be lifted.”

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

26 thoughts on “Without A Trace

  1. george

    Here’s how a test centre should work. Your arrive at an allotted time when there are no other potential COVID19 cases present. You spend about 5 mins getting a swab taken and you go home. The ideal is that there would never be more than 1 person suspected to have COVID 19 on site at any given time. If there were queues of people that would be a disaster and would be great way to spread the virus.

    1. paul

      To increase testing to the 100k per week though you would either need to disperse testing to many multiple sites (and do what you say above) or to section off lanes and multiple zones within large locations for safe arrival, waiting, testing and departure. This isn’t radical thinking and well within our capabilities, shame we’re fluffing it.

  2. Matt Pilates

    This Naval Service test center is for show – Nobody uses it and it was removed for weeks.

    1. george

      Incorrect, my brother had his sample taken at this centre. He got his result within 3 days.

  3. Lilly

    What about all those who reckon they have the GI version (Simon Gregson etc). Does that show up in the swab tests or is it even Covid?

  4. :-Joe

    Fair play to Róisín Shortall and the Social Democrats, at least they always seem to be on the side of the public good.

    Meanwhile, the F-f/g party continues on as usual in true form. Even by the best of it’s nature it’s only capable of more obfuscation and spin.

    As a result then whatever the problem is, no matter how big or how small. Always an F-f/g delay or denial of doing, trying or getting the best solutions unless there is an angle, some political advantage or profit to be gained first.

    It’s like watching a completely irrational or mentally unstable entity compelled to always follow the same pattern because it is incapable of changing it’s philisophical, psychological or biological impulses.

    It’s like the Scott,Barker,Giger hypothetical sci-fi Alien based on a parasitic wasp. “The perfect organism”, evolved to survive, reproduce and flourish at any cost to anything else that comes in contact with it. Like all the disease, cancer and virus infections rolled into one.

    An evolved organism from human nature and idealogy based on a small simple set of ideas that although will always exist must be kept in check. It’s worst extremes held at a stable minimum on the fringes of day to day life and not at the centre of everything.

    Fifty percent of you, the Irish voting public keep encouraging it. Your ignorance, delusional, partisan, coerced, manipulated, tribalised, foolish and false thinking means that you gain even less than the least of everyone else because you are solely responsible. It’s YOU the 50%, who is maintaining the F-f/g contempt for democracy. Well done to you, you’re an eejit!…

    Vote independent or at least give anything else a chance for balance and some chance at a real basic functioning democracy.


    1. A Person

      Yawn, seriously yawn. Nonsense. FFG caused the virus. Good man with all the big words. Everyone is wrong except for me……Are are Terry McM in disguise.

      1. :-Joe

        Haha-aaah.. Oh, Dear..

        Perhaps, another deluded victim of parasitic F-f/g propaganda living rent free inside an individual mind?…

        Who knows, but you’re really great at conversation, arguing a point and getting the facts straight too.. Unfortunately, nobody else but you has any clue what you’re talking about…

        Only one F-f/g conspiracy I know of, that 50% of voters(Down from 60%-ish) like you most probably, are so mindlessly numb and manipulated that they keep supporting them. The root cause of and biggest hurdle to resolving most of the problems in Irish society.

        Next, you’ll suddenly remember you forgot to call me a SF supporter…
        – Wait for it….


  5. Jon

    Sorry but can i ask where Broadsheet.ie posted the photos of the centre on SJRQ when there in the area is littered with posters requesting the public not to take photos and respect peoples privacy?

    1. Kate

      For Heavens sake it’s a virus testing centre not a clap centre. You see garda clicking away at legitimate protests as if a grieving mother is a terrorist. Goosey Goosey gander pc brigade.

      1. Mart Cattle

        A bit of respect for the privacy of people getting tested wouldn’t go amiss all the same. Basic manners.

  6. brughahaha

    In most western liberal democracies after 9 weeks of being told “We’re ramping up testing by the end of the week” daily …and it never happening , the media would start asking some awkward questions ….but not in Ireland. Couldnt be having that , just let Simon Harris state without interruption or question that “We are ramping up testing” over and over and over again.

    They really should remove the word “accountability” from all dictionaries in the same way they used to remove pregnancy counselling ads in days gone by.

    1. Finnster

      Simon can’t be interrupted as he is just a little puppet on a string with a plastic prerecorded yoke inside of him. Someday those batteries gonna die when he’s eating his cornflakes and wondering why we never bothered testing for the previous 18 strains of Covie.

    2. Mart Cattle

      That’s not his job. It’s the job of public health officials. Of course he’s a mouthpiece. He’s not going to do tests himself is he?

  7. Cian

    I agree that there should be more transparency.

    But in saying that – Ireland is doing well in the testing regimen. If you look at the global stats we have tested 32,000/million. ignoring tiny countries (<300K people) we have:

    Iceland 141,873 t/mill (0.3m)
    UAE 113,443 t/mill (9.9m)
    Bahrain 76,220 t/mill (1.7m)
    Malta 74,713 t/mill (0.4m)
    Luxembourg 68,122 t/mill (0.6m)
    Lithuania 48,771 t/mill (2.7m)
    Cyprus 48,129 t/mill (1.2m)
    Israel 42,108 t/mill (8.7m)
    Kuwait 41,915 t/mill (4.3m)
    Estonia 40,532 t/mill (1.3m)
    Portugal 38,814 t/mill (10.2m)
    Denmark 35,665 t/mill (5.8m)
    Qatar 33,920 t/mill (2.9m)
    Italy 32,735 t/mill (60.5m)
    Latvia 32,404 t/mill (1.9m)
    Norway 31,835 t/mill (5.4m)
    Switzerland 31,371 t/mill (8.7m)
    Brunei 31,355 t/mill (0.4m)
    Ireland 31,179 t/mill (4.9m)
    Spain 31,126 t/mill (46.8m)
    Germany 30,400 t/mill (83.8m)
    Austria 29,321 t/mill (9m)
    New Zealand 29,011 t/mill (4.8m)
    Slovenia 25,469 t/mill (2.1m)
    Russia 25,354 t/mill (145.9m)

    1. GiggidyGoo

      How accurate are the figures – and from where did the Irish figures emanate?

      1. Kate

        Well GG from a random check of above figures Latvia has 16 deaths to our 1,232 (appreciating their population is 1.9 million. ). Still our death rate is extremely high ( and has increased today).

    2. A Person

      You can’t have facts on this website. You must be FFG is you produce anything factual.

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